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Another chapter closed

As they say, time flies when you are having fun…And so, after having children in school since the early 2000s, I “suddenly” find myself with another graduation. 

My baby boy has finished school and will walk across the stage to receive his diploma in a few short days.

How did we get here? Time sure has flown.  It seems only moments ago that I was chasing around three little ones, perpetually exhausted and sick of hearing my own voice directing them in the do’s and don’t’s of life.  “Don’t touch that.” “Eat this.” “Don’t eat that.” “Stay over here.” “Don’t go there.” “Be kind” “Don’t say that word.” “Say yes ma’am.” “Sit still.” “Stop running.” “Hurry up.”

Well, actually, I still find myself still saying plenty of that!

Some things never change I guess.

But, here’s the deal…they do. 

Every day, slowly things change. They evolve. And before you know it, the little boy who was all smiles in kindergarten is a young man, all smiles in a graduation gown. 

So I am forcing myself to let that little imaginary rope us mother’s hold so tightly loosen.

He’s a bit of an independent sort to begin with, so I have no choice. But I also know that it is time. 

And he will be fine. 

And I will be fine.

Here’s a secret…something that people don’t know about my rowdy, have to have the last word, rambunctious child. The one who couldn’t sit still more than two minutes for at least the first 16 years of his life…he’s actually a tender soul.  

His sensitivity has been hidden by a bit of a tough guy exterior. 

But a momma knows.  

She has watched the struggles. She has watched as that tough guy barrier was being built. She has seen the tears and the hurts that built it.  

But life is for lessons of all kinds.  

And what else this momma has seen is how much her children have grown into wonderful human beings. I can’t help but admit I have noticed how my graduate matured this past year. By leaps and bounds. 

And I have no doubt that as he walks this road called life, he will do just fine. 

Editor’s note:  While my youngest son is graduating I also find myself not as done with this parenting thing as this column implies. I have recently remarried and am the step-mother to four!  I will have three more graduations in the 10 years or so.

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