And so it begins!



Well, July 26 is basically the start of a new season beginning with training camp (most rookies reported Sunday), another year of fantasy football and an excuse to not do anything for entire sundays at a time. Also a welcome addition this year is the addition of the 5 added Thursday Night Football games making it 13 games on Thursday Night. I am already signed up for one Fantasy League, with several others already signed up for the fantasy league as well and have been rivals over the last few years. I will probably join a few others that have an earlier scheduled fantasy draft just to get into that draft mode for that league I am already signed up for.

As we get into training camp I really start putting together ideas of players to pick and also start working on a list of players to draft and when they are drafted. At times you have to make adjustments for the players who get injured in camp and those who came into camp already injured (Will they be healthy in time?).

I am also getting into my NFL Network mode as well, as they will begin following training camps around the league, which is a great wealth of news and info not only for fantasy leagues, but also how NFL teams will perform and how their season should go. Another source of news I have begun watching is NFL Live on ESPN as well as NFL 32 on the same channel. From the start of training camp ’til the first Pre-Season game, things will start moving a bit faster thankfully as I, as well as many other fans are so ready for some football. It begins to flow a bit faster because the in-flow of news that can actually change minds about how seasons will go and what players get hurt and how recently drafted players perform and how much of the playbook they are able to absorb.

One pre-season game I hope to attend is the third game in the pre-season which is the 49ers @ the Texans. I am hoping to get a couple co-workers to go with me to the Houston game and enjoy that game and if you have been following my blog you should know the team I will be cheering for!

Also, before I vent about the heat this summer I must say thanks for the rain we have had in this area recently, but with it not even august and we have all had to endure this heat wave. Football is a sign of cooler temps coming our way. Winter is welcome and football brings that cooler weather our way.

And also after my little rant last week about players getting arrested and getting into trouble with the law, there have been a few more arrests including Aaron Berry who was just cut by the Detroit Lions after being arrested twice in one offseason. These teams in the NFL can help by sending some signals to these guys and the role they play in our country!

Another little tidbit of news is Chad Ochocinco has changed his last name back to his birth name. Wonder if he is realizing that he needs to get serious about his career?

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