Amazing to see the Tide get rolled in title game

It’s almost too good to be true.

The San Antonio Spurs are tearing up the NBA on a five-game win streak. The Dallas Cowboys climbed a huge mountain by winning their first playoff game since 2015, and even the Texas Longhorns surprised us all by holding off a favored Georgia Bulldog team in the Sugar Bowl. But how do you explain the Alabama Crimson Tide falling to the Clemson Tigers 44-16 in Monday night’s national championship game?

The Tigers were so dominant they held Alabama scoreless in the second half! I never dreamed of seeing an Alabama team look so helpless as they did in the second half. They had no answer for a Clemson team that was determined to win Monday night. The Crimson Tide had won so many championship games prior to Monday night’s game that the only question I had was what their margin of victory would be.

There were times this year and in the past when I thought Alabama had so many good and talented players that I believed they could play any NFL team and possibly beat them. And can you believe the Tigers won with a freshman quarterback at the helm and won convincingly.

Their quarterback Monday night was a leanlooking freshman named Trevor Lawrence who seemed to have ice in his veins and played like a pro. Even when the television announcers said Lawrence was six feet, five inches and 215 pounds I couldn’t believe it.

He looked more like a junior varsity quarterback getting ready to play high school football. The complete results of the championship game were completely amazing to me.

If you are an Alabama fan, I know it’s hard to take a loss like Monday night. But like my old baseball manager Ysidro Mejia used to say, “Somewhere out there is always somebody better.”

In other words, no matter how good a team is and how many games you win, there will always come a time when you’ll play somebody better.

Alabama finally tasted the kind of defeat they had been dealing out in prior years. In a way it’s nice to know that Alabama and their genius coach Nick Saban, are human after all. There is no doubt that the Crimson Tide will regroup and come back strong next year. They have a great program in place and their coach is considered a great recruiter. But on Monday night the game and a great victory belonged to the Clemson Tigers.

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