Am I ready for some football?



football. I’ve always liked playing football more than I like watching
it. But, this year I’m gonna give watching football a try.

watch other professional sports. I  LOVE mixed martial arts, UFC
(Ultimate Fighting Championship) and professional volleyball (AVP). I
will also watch a little NBA. Never much football though.

husband, being the fantastic man that he is, has always let me change
the channel when football is on TV so I can watch whatever comedy I
want. (He’s awesome like that.)  But this year I’ve decided to try
watching football. NFL and college. I do think that I will like college
better. To me those guys are really fighting for something. I think they
play harder than professionals ‘cause they want to be professionals.

I’m going to pick an NFL team and a college team that I want to follow
so we can look at stats and history of the team. The hubby is also going
to give me a crash course on rules, regulations etc.

last time we tried to watch football I just kept asking questions and
while he put on a smile, I’m pretty sure he was annoyed by the

know that when I watch UFC and someone keeps talking to me I get
aggravated. I want to watch the fight much like most men want to watch
football. I don’t want anyone pestering me about everyday stuff. I want
to see exactly what is going on in the cage at all times. You blink once
and you may have just missed the knockout of the night. I don’t want to
be the person that never shuts up so people can watch the game.

My goal is to get all the answers down this season so that I no longer have to bug him during any game there after.

also plan to attend more local games. Since I am a Pleasanton alum, I
will most likely be at more Eagle games than any other. I’m sure it will
be hard trying to watch games with three kids, but we’ll see how it
goes. I’m going to try to focus on what each player is doing and who he
is so that I can remember year to year who did what.

for what teams will I pick to follow this year? I’m not sure when it
comes to NFL. One thing I am sure of though is that I will catch slack
from everyone in the state of Texas for not immediately going with the
Cowboys. I just don’t know who to go with. I’m going to look into it.
However, I am set in following the UT Longhorns in college. Sorry,
Aggies. It’s just the way it is.

I’m looking forward to the season, learning more about football and hanging out with The Hubs (husband).

Have any advice for me let me know.

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