Always a parent, even to adult children

The Way I See It



There are times in our lives when we are reminded that even though our offspring are adults, we are still parents.

Stepping in to assist them when needed – be it emotional, physical or financial support – it is what we all do, right?

We are available for advice or just a patient ear to hear complaints. And sometimes parents step up to care for their children if they are going through an illness – short term or long term. This also may translate into caring for grandchildren, too. Most times, it isn’t even a hands on type of care. Being an advocate for your loved ones is just as helpful.

A memory popped up on Facebook from my daughter from 7 years ago thanking me when I helped her get over intestinal flu.

Flash forward to this week where my son and daughter-in-law needed help from their parents. Food poisoning hit them hard and they needed reinforcements.

It reminded me of when I was pregnant with my son. I was so sick that I slept on my bathroom floor. I have a vague memory of calling my mom and telling her that if I didn’t show up for Mother’s Day, it was because I had died from my sickness. I felt that bad.

Of course she came over, fed me ice chips and slept on the sofa. That morning, I was still alive and feeling much better. And she went home and cooked her own Mother’s Day meal … because

The that wayis

I seewhat it,they do. we are never too old too ask for support from our parents, I still miss being able to do that on a daily basis – even at 60-years-old.

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