Altercation turns into drug bust

Jourdanton police responded to a call about a brawl on the 2200 block of Cantrell Drive. In the end, it wasn’t the two fighters that were brought to jail.

Corporal Troy Walter and Officer Tina Patchen approached Matthew Garcia and David Garza in the midst of a fight around noon on Sunday, September 29. Jeffery Phillips and Daniel Garza, brother to David, were nearby watching the fight.

Garcia fled into an adjacent house as soon as he saw the police arrive. After a quick chase, he was apprehended and charged with Evading Arrest and Detention. Officer Patchen then approached Daniel Garza to further investigate the case.

While Patchen spoke with Garza, Cpl. Walter looked into his vehicle and saw spent casings from a .45 caliber. The officer asked Daniel Garza if he had a firearm. Garza said that he didn’t have one, but invited the officer to search his car.

Cpl. Walter did not find a weapon, but did find a pack of cigarettes. According to Jourdanton Police Chief Eric Kaiser, inside the pack were six plastic bags of a “personal use” size, some of which contained methamphetamine crystal or residue from such crystals. All combined, the pack contained less than a gram of meth.

Garza stated the drugs were not his. Jeffery Phillips quickly admitted the pack was his. Phillips was taken into custody on Possession of a Controlled Substance, a state jail felony. He was taken to the Atascosa County Jail.

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