AIC offers grants for winter storm damages

The Atascosa InterAgency Council received two additional grants last week. One is specific to the Winter Freeze from Methodist Healthcare Ministries and will help pay utility bills that were high due to the storm. We encourage those needing help with utilities to look back at your previous months of late February and March. We may be able to help you recover those higher than normal bills that you paid or for water leaks due to the frozen pipes. The other grant will help with shelter and utilities for the rest of the year along with EFSP funds for those who are not eligible for the Winter Freeze Funds. Please request an application for these grants at or go to your public library. The libraries have the applications and will help you return it along with your receipts.

If you were affected by the storm and have no receipts please go ahead and apply anyway. We may be able to recover copies, etc. or do it by statements. We have issued checks so far and reimbursed over $5000.00 of the funds awarded for hotel rooms, plumbing expenses, plumbing supplies, loss from freezer or refrigerator, etc. to those with some form of documentation. Note: if you completed an application and returned it to us and have not heard from AIC then we need you to contact us through email again. We have a lot of applications but many have failed to provide reasons or receipts or explanations. We are happy to help if you provide us information or reasons why you have no receipts. Times are hard and help is available.

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