Ahead of schedule

I think I gave you the impression in my first blog that I am not a planning, organized type of woman…Not necessarily so.

See, years back, I devised  a plan to fight wrinkles and stay youthful looking as I aged….and that plan included weight gain!  I decided that I would “gradually” gain weight and plump up those nasty little laugh lines and saggy places.  And I can assure you, that on this, I am WAY ahead of schedule.

I give working at the Pleasanton Express partial credit.  Our wonderful ‘mama’ Hopie is so considerate to keep us well fed!  She cooks, makes sure we have morning tacos or biscuits and keeps soda and milk chocolate candy (with nuts!) on hand at all times.  I find there is nothing more soothing on a hectic Tuesday, when deadlines are looming, than a handful of peanut M&M’s. It’s a chocoholics dream (or in my case nightmare).

I remember when I first started working here and someone said “Everyone gains 10 pounds per year at the Express” and while that is certainly an exaggeration, there seems to be some truth in it.

But, I think my plan may not be doing what I imagined it would. A few months back when leaving the store with my youngest son and his friend, I ran into someone I knew. We spoke for a minute before the boys and I headed to the car. That’s when it occurred to me I hadn’t even bothered to glance at myself before stepping into the store! So, I was a tad mortified that I had run into someone I knew. Of course, my child had taken off ahead of us in the parking lot, so I asked his friend, “Do I have anything on my face, any black smudges (from wayward makeup)?” “No,” he said, “But you do have a little bit of crows feet.” Why thank you so much for that info.

I may need to rethink this plan and just invest in some Olay!

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