AHC receives $200K grant

If you have been a longtime residents of Atascosa County, you may remember that the Atascosa Health Center (AHC) started in Poteet as a Rural Health Initiative program in 1978 and in 1981 moved to Pleasanton into the old hospital. Now 36 years later, AHC is coming home to its first roots in history, to Poteet, where it all began as a migrant healthcare program.

Over a year ago, AHC initiated research for Atascosa County concerning zip codes to determine the number of low income, uninsured and other barriers keeping people from obtaining quality and affordable primary healthcare services. AHC quickly realized there was a need and surprisingly it was in our backyard, so to speak. Although we have a wonderful facility in Pleasanton, the eight or more miles to get to Pleasanton created a huge transportation barrier and affected even more of the residents north of Poteet.

AHC’s mission, as a Federally Qualified Health Center, is to serve the medically underserved areas and populations with quality and affordable primary healthcare services. As with any project, funding is of upmost importance, so our first community grant application went to Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio (bhfsa.org). AHC was hopeful, but never dreamed the first attempt would bring the first $200,000 towards the goal needed to open a facility in Poteet.

The Baptist Health Foundation has always been supportive of our expansion projects in the past and AHC cannot thank them enough for the funding for this project. The Baptist Health Foundation’s mission statement reads “Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio’s is committed to improving the health of our community by fostering and funding clinical, educational, spiritual and scientific initiatives while honoring God and our Baptist heritage”. Atascosa Health Center is extremely thankful for the funding provided by the Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio. It is wonderful to have this kind of support for the Poteet Community Health Center Project.

The Poteet Community Health Center is a work in progress. With the great funding support at the onset and other funding received from foundations/organizations, AHC is expecting to open the Poteet Community Health Center later this year. AHC takes many insurance plans as well as Medicaid and Medicare plans and provides sliding scale discounts. AHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center serving the medically underserved areas and populations with quality, affordable primary healthcare, dental and behavioral health services.

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