Agreement on last week’s letter

Dear Editor,

Was so glad to see the Letter from Jessica Weathersby? or Weatherby? Jonathan, thanks for sending it. I think Jessica put it well and I also believe that we don’t always, as Christians, let those who disagree with the Bible’s content know that we AND GOD still love them. Just as we who are believers in the Scripture as Out-Breathed by God don’t always show love to each other!

Recently Pastor Rush at FBC in Pleasanton preached on our government’s recent allowances in homosexual relationships. Because we, even as believers, are sinners (white lies–no such thing: judging our neighbor- -God calls it unacceptable). We have to love other believers AND non-believers. We just don’t have to throw God’s instructions away in the process! No one has to believe but no one will ever change the truth of God’s Word.

Jesus was sent by God because God cannot look on EVEN what we term a “white lie”. God knew we had no hope and so He sent Jesus to die for every evil any of us has ever done from the child molester (what we sometimes call unforgivable but if confessed under the blood of Christ it is erased!) to the homosexual behavior AND to living in a heterosexual relationship without benefit of marriage.

Please know, Dear Believers and Non- Believers in the inerrant Word of God, He loves you and He gave HIS ONE AND ONLY SON that we might live forever if we accept Him. See John 3:16.

Jeanne Ulrich Pleasanton

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