To All My
Customers and Friends:

has been an honor and a pleasure to serve you for so many years and be a
part of many of your lives. From our children growing up together to
watching Pleasanton expand into the booming community it has become. I
will take each relationship I built over the past 31 years with me in my
heart as I enjoy the time I will have to spend with my family. I want
to thank each one of you for your many years of loyalty to the
Pleasanton Express. Please know that I have left everything in very
capable hands and will be available to help out when needed.
Sincerely, Mary Gallegos

For 31 years Mary Gallegos has been a part of the heart and soul of the Pleasanton Express. Many of you know her and have become close friends with her over the years as she not only sold ads, but has taken a vested interest in every single one of her customers businesses and lives. After so many wonderful years at the paper Mary has decided to retire. Although I only worked with Mary for a short time she quickly became my mentor and friend. I have a deep respect for her and the way she carries herself. It has been an extreme pleasure to work alongside her. It is with a heavy heart that I share with you Mary’s letter to all of her customers throughout the years.

Like Mary has been family to us, the paper has also been a part of her children’s life. Along with the Pleasanton Express Mary’s children would also like to congratulate her on her 31 years of service.

Gina Tijerina….

….the eldest of her three children said, “Mom, 31 years of successfully juggling a career and family is very inspiring and you achieved it with grace, determination and intellect. You have always provided a strong, clear example of how to live our lives and I’m so thankful for your support, guidance and love. Thank you for a childhood filled with laughter and joy and an instilled confidence in everything I do. We love you and congratulate you!”

RayBuddy” Gallegos….

….the eldest son shared, “My mother is the cornerstone of our family. Being the first-born of nine children, she inherited that essential role and it’s since become an innate part of her character. She’s lived and worked in the Pleasanton community her entire life. She’s been married to my Father for over 45 years. While working full-time and raising me, my brother and sister, she has ALWAYS found a way to provide the love and necessary care for our family. Whether it was birthday parties, art lessons, baseball practices, homework or college orientation—she somehow found a way to provide a strong foundation—allowing us to reach for our dreams. Her 31 year tenure with the Pleasanton Express is just another reminder of her unshakable dependability, undeniable commitment and extraordinary loyalty. Congrats on all your successes. We are so proud of you and we love you.”

Gerald Gallegos….

“Congrats on 31 years at the Express,” said their youngest child. “You have been an inspiration to me by showing hard work and dedication to a job and to our family by wearing many different hats, and getting it all done. Thank you and congrats on a job well done.”

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