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A s most of you already know, we have been in a construction project at the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office and Jail for over a year now. The new addition to the jail, adding 112 more beds, was completed a couple of months ago.

The project has moved into the renovation stage in the east wing of the jail (built in 1982) and into parts of the Sheriff’s Office. As result of this, the communications center will move to a temporary location within the building real soon as contractors work in the existing dispatch center and adjacent room where the new, much larger communications center will be built. This will make room for the increase from two dispatchers per shift to three, in order to better serve the public, our deputies, our law enforcement partners and Fire and EMS.

Also, construction will force us to cancel inmate visitation for a one week period this month. My staff will make notifications before this occurs and our plan is to make up the missed visitation time by allowing visitation on an extra day or two. We have been working diligently with the Contractor and Architect during multiple meetings to be sure that operations and public safety are not affected. We do realize the loss of a week of inmate visitation is inconvenient and we apologize in advance. The renovations and construction will in the long run make many things much more efficient as we continue to strive toward our commitment to public safety in Atascosa County. If you have any questions regarding upcoming jail visitation, do not hesitate to call the jail at 830-769-3434 (push 3 when you hear recording). Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns by email at Atascosa. county.sheriff@acso-tx. org. Until next time, if you need assistance, give us a call. Be safe and God Bless.

DAVID SOWARD is the elected Sheriff of Atascosa County. He has been with the sheriff’s office for 42 years and he is in his 7th year as Sheriff. Sheriff Soward holds a Master Jailer’s License as well as a Master Peace Officer’s License from the State of Texas.

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