ACLS- record smashing success

Hunter Rankin works at positioning her goat for judging at the ACLS JOE DAVID CORDOVA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Hunter Rankin works at positioning her goat for judging at the ACLS JOE DAVID CORDOVA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Record breaking sales were just one of the many very something specials that happened at the 2019 Atascosa County Livestock Show. The entire show was 360 degrees of excellence with outstanding competitors making it an outstanding show.

The Atascosa County Livestock Show board expressed great appreciation for the support of the generous buyers who helped break all-time records during the 2019 ACLS show held in Pleasanton, January 19. More than $925,175 was raised with 299 participating in the auction with 403 buyers. This is a whopping $67,175 over 2018’s sales which totaled $858,000 and $125,395 more than 2017’s sales total of $799,780. 2019 ACLS Grand Champion Steer shown by Hayden Jenschke, Poteet 4H and 2019 ACLS Reserve Champion shown by Hunter Norment, Pleasanton FFA sold for $20,000 each.

While the seven Grand Champions brought in $60,250 and seven Reserve brought in $55,175, The remaining 285 in the sale brought in over $800,000 total. The ACLS board are, at press time, still crunching numbers and fact checking records. The Pleasanton Express will give details on as many of these high sales as possible. The Pleasanton Express will be doing follow-up stories through February with more of the best of this beast of a show. Please see the fine photos in this issue with all Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion winners and the generous buyers in the Farm and Ranch section.

Jace Olle proudly displays his ribbons at the show. JOE DAVID CORDOVA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Jace Olle proudly displays his ribbons at the show. JOE DAVID CORDOVA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

The 2019 Top Buyers were:

Diamond Buyer – Spent $25,000 & Up!

Forage Specialties, Pursch Motors, Primo’s Feed, Inc., SYLO

Platinum Buyer – Spent $20,000 – $24,999

Mac Haik’s Southway Ford, Poteet Buyers Group, Pleasanton Ag Boosters, HEB Pleasanton #411 Aubrey Smith, Biofac, LASSO

Gold Buyer – Spent $15,000 – $19,999

San Antonio Area Chevy Dealers/Price Chevrolet

Silver Buyer – Spent $10,000 – $14,999

Jourdanton FFA Booster Club, Oro Negro Buyers Group

Bronze Buyer – Spent $5,000 – $9,999

Deputy Constable, Pct. 3, Marissa Valdez is pictured with Steven Reyes Jr. at the Atascosa County Livestock Show this past week. JOE DAVID CORDOVA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Deputy Constable, Pct. 3, Marissa Valdez is pictured with Steven Reyes Jr. at the Atascosa County Livestock Show this past week. JOE DAVID CORDOVA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Farm Bureau Insurance, JBW Ventures, Atascosa Livestock Exchange, 5W River Rentals, Robert May, Temper Septic Services, Phoenix Excavation, Security State Bank & Briscoe Ranch, VT Collins Inc., Capital Farm Credit, Jeff & Sue Ann Smith, Dausin Electric Company, National Financial Alliance, LLC, Jourdanton Small Business Group, Methodist Hospital South, Remann, Wilco Peanut Co, LTD., Los Chichirones, Chalk Mountain Services, JW Hughes Excavation Inc., Gaydos Construction, Smith Cattle and Hay, San Antonio Rose Palace, Rakowitz Engineering, DJH Ranching LP (Arrow S Ranch), Tuttle Motor Company, Silver Eagle Dist. – Bud Light, Texas Community Bank

Jourdanton Mayor Doc Williams and Larry Ferguson served as announcers for the show keeping the spectators entertained and the participants moving on time. Auctioneer Joey Tomlinson who “guestimates” he has been at the auctioning helm for the ACLS show for some 30 years worked the crowd to push bids up to their highest heights. The enthusiastic ringmen led by Justin Taylor included Dale Rankin, Mike Harrison, Kevin Sparks, Roper Yow, Joey Van Hecke, Ricky Guerra, Clint Rodriguez, Larry Bauer, Jim James, Jason Vick, Joe Taylor and Phillip Hofferichter. The men “whooped, “hey’d and “ho’d” at every bid” from 12:15 p.m. until nearly 12 hours later when the last bid came in around 11:30 p.m.

This year’s Grand Champion steer, Class 2 Charlolais, was shown by Hayden Jenschke, Poteet 4H and sold for $20,000. Grand Champion Hog, Class 1 Hamp went to Reid Powell, Jourdanton FFA, and sold for $11,500. Grand Champion Lamb, Lt. Med. Wool, went to Zane Burnside, Jourdanton FFA, and sold for $7,000. Grand Champion Goat, Class 2 Market Goats, went to Justin Villareal and sold for $6,750. Grand Champion Turkey, Turkey Hen, went to Madison Lutz, Jourdanton FFA and sold for $6,000. Grand Champion Broilers, Broilers, Kasen Boyd, Lytle 4-H, $6,000. Grand Champion Rabbits, Meat Pen – Rabbits, went to Zane Rodriguez, Leming/ Verdi 4H for $3,000. Total sales for Grand Champions was $60,250.

Reserve Grand Champion Steer, Class 2 Exotic, went to Hunter Norment, Pleasanton FFA for a record $20,000. Reserve Grand Champion Hog, Class 1 Duroc, went to Jaxson Powell, Leming/ Verdi 4-H for $11,250. Reserve Grand Champion Lamb, Med. Medium Wool, went to Beidler Weiss, Jourdanton FFA and sold for $5,500 Reserve Grand Champion Goat, Class 4 Market Goats went to Larissa Villarreal, Mesquite 4-H for $4,000. Reserve Grand Champion Turkey, Turkey Tom, went to Tristan Sanchez, Poteet FFA for $5,250. Reserve Grand Champion Broilers, Broilers, went to Skylar Mitchell, Pleasanton FFA for $5,000. Reserve Grand Champion Rabbits, Meat Pen – Rabbits, went to Abigail Miller, Lytle 4-H for $4,175. Total sales for Reserve Grand Champion were $55,175.

The 2019 ACLS was dedicated to Bobby McConathy for his many years of service and dedication to the show. Bobby and his family are originally from Weatherford. He began his pursuit of becoming an Ag teacher after his wife, Judy, completed her nursing degree. Upon graduating from Tarleton State University with honors in December 1998, he started looking for a job opening as an Ag teacher. It is rare that an opening is available in December, but Lytle had one. Bobby interviewed and was offered the job. Being from North Texas, it was quite a decision for his family to uproot and come this far away from home. His family made the final decision to make Lytle their new home and fulfill his ambition to become a Texas Agricultural Teacher. Being an Ag teacher comes with commitment to community, meaning extra hours and then some. All Ag teachers are members of their county livestock show. With that comes monthly meetings, fundraisers and clean up days. Bobby has always loved being a part of the Atascosa County Livestock Show family and helping out any way he could. Although he had to give up his directorship because of his medical retirement, Bobby is still involved, coming to monthly meetings and helping out wherever he can. He and Judy have donated championship buckles to the show for many years. This man gives without a second thought and has touched the lives of so many around him, young and old.

A special award to 50-year plus ACLS leader Alfred Krueger was presented by Executive Treasurer Tom Heffernan who said, “This is a good man. This show has been fantastic because he’s here all the time. It never fails, anytime we need anything, he’s always here.”

The officers and directors gave a big shout out to the 2019 Agriculture Science Teachers who did an outstanding job helping students prepare for their 1,014 livestock entries and 100 Ag Mechanic entries of this year’s show. Every entry was a winner because of the life skills learned by youths while preparing for the competition. The Atascosa County Ag teacher team includes: Pleasanton – Page Jenschke, Casey Roe, Lori Kelley & Brittany Rivera, Jourdanton – Ric Hunter, John Lanier & Peggy Georg, Somerset – Justin Taylor, Kelli Taylor & Kevin Sparks; Poteet – Jeff Kennedy, Matt Sewell & Brooke Keller, Lytle – Randy Beard, Meagan Hooker, Raul Flores & Megan Dan Der Knapp and Charlotte – Ray Reyna.

The 2019 Association Officers helped tremendously with the success of a well-organized and run show. Officers are President – Doug Black; Vice President – Kevin Sparks; Executive Treasurer – Tom Heffernan; Recording Secretary – Peggy Georg.

2019 Association Directors are Black Hill – Randy Ramey; Campbellton – Darryl Ashley; Christine – Mark Lutz; Charlotte – Trace Blair, Allen Rankin, Mike Friesenhahn, Jennifer Shearrer; Fashing – Alfred Krueger, Jr.; Jourdanton – Buster Matocha, Chester Gonzales, Chris Mueller, Ray Guzman; Leming/ Verdi – Tommy Mitchell; Lytle – Ernest Davila, Darren Trimmer, Joey Van Hecke, Scott Conover; Poteet – Roger Caraway, Clint Rodriguez, Wayne Horn, Wes Stevens; Pleasanton – Scott Heffernan, Richard Klaus, Kim Lutz, Bud Hagen; Somerset – Shane Adams, Doug Black, Brandon Cogburn, Elizabeth Hansen.

The show would not be possible without the following leaders: Show Superintendents – Randy Ramey & Alfred Krueger; Show Secretaries – Linda Ramey & Susan Krueger; Livestock Manager – Kim Lutz; Livestock Secretaries – Peggy Georg & Jennifer Shearrer; Show Announcer – Robert “Doc” Williams; Show Auctioneer – Joey Tomlinson & Larry FergusonDivision Superintendents: Ag Mechanics – Ryan & Jeralyn Novak & Brett Slomchinski, Beef – Randy Bear, Alfred Krueger & Steve Richter. Goats & Lambs – Bobby McConathy & Ernest Davilla. Rabbits – Rosemary Bonner & Robert Goslin, Swine – Scott Heffernan & Bobby Tymrak. Poultry – Gene Martinez, Shirley Stevens, Mollie Stevens, Millie Jo Stevens and Wesley Stevens. Commercial Heifers – Philip Tom, Darryl Ashley, Derrick Ashley & Alfred Krueger. Atascosa County Extension Agent – Dale Rankin and Judges: Ag Mechanics – Jerome Tymrak; Beef – Wade Shackleford; Beef Showmanship – Rodger Welch; Steer Classifier – Rodger Welch; Goats – Jess Yeaman; Goat Showmanship – Dan Vestal; Lambs – Dan Vestal; Lamb Showmanship – Jess Yeaman; Poultry – Dennis Ellebracht; Rabbits – Mike Franke; Rabbit Showmanship – Mike Withrow; Swine – Josh Elkins; Swine Showmanship – Matt Posey.

The Pleasanton Express will be creating a special section on February 6 with more results of the 2019 ACLS show and the McMullen County Livestock Show. Additionally, for the rest of January and all February during FFA month the Pleasanton Express will be publishing news and feature stories plus lots of photos from the stock shows. There are stories heartwarming, touching, brave and bold. Some fun. Some all business. The Ag Mechanics were not auctioned but were still some of the biggest hits of the show. We will be featuring stories on some of the best of the best in show for Ag Mechanics in future issues too.

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