ACCEPT will miss Kitty

Atascosa County has lost a gem and one of the grandest ladies of our time. I met Katherin Pesek in 1989 or 90 when she joined our ACCEPT Committee and became our bookkeeper, records organizer, counselor and BOSS! Kitty had been a nurse and was very old-school! She kept us in line and brooked no dissension!

One year Isaac Benitez bought shirts for himself, Kitty, and me. they had an elf on the front and the back of mine said “The Boss”, Isaac’s said “Wanna-be-Boss” and Kitty’s said “The REAL Boss”!

That was the truth! Kitty, without question, was our precious boss. She gave so much to St. Matthew’s (her church), to our community, and to our ACCEPT well-being over the years. I don’t know how we will do without her in our world but our Lord Jesus will, as always, give us the guidance we need. I was doing a deposit for ACCEPT yesterday and in it was a check from Kitty she must have written before her surgery! Of course, I wept as I finished the paperwork.

We have lost a jewel in our world. May God Himself encourage and comfort Kitty’s family and friends during this time of mourning. If you knew Kitty, her service is at 10:00 a.m. at St. Matthew’s in Jourdanton on Thursday, December 10th.

Sincerely, Jeanne Ulrich ACCEPT Coordinator

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