Academic Fitness is theme for new school year, 280 enrolled in learning camps

Renee Cadena, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, opened the Pleasanton School Board Meeting by introducing her team members. Yvonne Little, Administrative Assistant, is the “rock behind it all” who helps with academic team leads, GT and DEIC programs, summer camps, testing and accountability, campus and district improvement plans and parent involvement. Keri Cooper is the Director of Special Programs and deals with special ed, ESL, dyslexia students and also serves as counselor. Lorene Tullos is the District CTE coordinator and serves as the college pathways counselor, credit recovery, student health advisory, CBC liaison, organizes the district health fair as well as the college and career fairs. Other important personnel she mentioned were Celia Chapa, Angie Acevedo, Gilda Rangel and Stacy Downs. Some of the planned staff development includes sharing with Floresville area districts, Region 20 workshops and a Back to School Symposium on August 17. Cadena ended by saying that “I am blessed to work with these people, who are here for the students.”

The superintendent report was given by Dr. Matthew Mann. He said that the district’s accountability will be presented in July after finalizing the data. Academic Fitness is the theme for the upcoming year. He reminded the board that the TASB convention will be held on June 10 through the 13th in San Antonio.

The learning summer camps had 280 enrolled. The athletic camps begin this week. Summer School is running for three weeks in the morning. Students are being served breakfast and lunch. Although 131 are eligible to take the bus, only 41 are doing so.

President Frank Tudyk, Jr. moved on to business of the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting of May 19 were approved unanimously, with Blasa Chapa, Pete Pawelek, Edward Zamarripa and Jamie Downs voting affirmative. Joseph Warnken was not present. A budget workshop was set for June 18 at 6:00 p.m.

Cadena reported that they were able to sell some of the old teacher’s editions instructional materials to Follett. These date back to 2006 and will bring $576.04 to the district.

The trustees then approved several policy manual updates, as presented by TASB, which affect local policies. One policy deals with the per diem given for trips; receipts will not be required and the allowance is $32 per day.

Mike Fletcher gave the financial report, saying that the local tax collection was over 95%. Collection from the state is at 78%. Overall, the spending and revenue for the district looks good. He mentioned that the contract with the auditing firm is in its third of a four year contract. He recommended signing with them again.

The board met in a closed session to discuss personnel at 7:32 p.m. They returned at 7:58 p.m. and agreed unanimously to hire the list of contractual employees as recommended for a probationary period. They also welcomed Scott Stevens as the new CFO.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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