ACA to meet at Civic Center

Atascosa Citi ze ns in Ac tion (ACA) Gra nt Committee wil l meet at the Plea santon Civic Center, Thu rsday, June 9, at 1: 15 p. m.

Atascosa Cit izens in Action Gra nt Comm it te e is tota lly enrol led in Fundin g In for mation Network (FIN). We will be discu ssi ng gra nt ideas and sea rch ing FIN regard ing add it ional gra nt requests.

ACA is work ing diligently on other grants for AFCC and doing FI N research for future gra nt ideas to he lp, possibly, with an ima l adoption or other ways and mea ns to add to the an imal control fac ility that wi ll become a rea lity in Atascosa County through Comm ission – ers’ Court and Count y Judge Bob Hurley. Kenneth Donoughue will be in attenda nce along with She riff’s

Deputy Hen ry Domi ng uez to discuss progress of an imal shelter project.

Don na Fisher, exec utive director of Ata scosa Fa mi ly Cri sis Center wil l bring us up to date on recent communit y help with repai rs, etc. at the Cri si s Center.

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