Abraxas Petroleum drilling Austin Chalk horizontally south of Pleasanton

With the price of oil down and a whole lot of data retained from Eagle Forddrilling, “where do you go to from here?”

How about doing a horizontal well into the previously “main standby”, the “well-known Austin Chalk”.

Many wells have been drilled in the Austin Chalk, some of the earliest ones in the 1920sInitially, the Austin Chalk reservoir was only drilled vertically. Those vertical wells gave drillers a ‘hit and miss’ chance for continuing production results. The Austin Chalk is a very cavernous formation. Some wells came in well and continued producing for a respectable duration of time.

Others started well but couldn’t continue bringing acceptable monetary results due to the overall erratic formation. Some of those Austin Chalk wells produced for a long time, some of them continuing to give decent results.

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