Abducted toddler returned to mom by county deputies

Medina County issued an Amber Alert on November 3 for an 18-month-old child who had been abducted. However, an alert motorist and the Atascosa County Sheriff ’s Office made sure there was a happy ending to the story.

On the evening of November 3, the Medina County Sheriff ’s Office had an Amber Alert issued for a missing toddler when the mother realized the child had been allegedly taken by a mentally unstable family member, according to the alert.

Atascosa County deputies were notified that the suspect’s vehicle was on FM 536 near IH 37. Chief Deputy David Soward said that Sgt. Investigator Wayne Stratton and Sergeant-Deputy Paul Schneider rushed to the area along with Deputy Rocky Villalobos. While responding to the area, the deputies were notified that a passing motorist had stopped and picked up the child and the alleged abductor after their vehicle had run out of gas.

Officers learned through a phone conversation that the motorist was being taken to a convenience store at IH 37 and Texas Hwy 97.

Dispatcher Elaine Pacheco was able to make phone contact with the motorist who picked the pair up.

Sgt. Inv. Stratton was first to arrive at the Hwy. 97 and IH 37 store followed by Sgt.-Dep. Schneider. The deputies approached the lady holding the child and Stratton was able to take control over the little boy who was whisked away to safety.

EMS was called to check out the child who was apparently hungry and had a low blood sugar.

The family member was taken into custody. The child was taken to the Atascosa County Sheriff ’s Office by Sgt. Stratton where the boy was joyfully reunited with his mother.

The suspect was turned over to Medina County Sheriff ’s Investigators and returned to Hondo, where she faces kidnapping charges. Soward said, the suspect, Briana Denny, 25, of Medina County was later charged with kidnapping and is in the Medina County Jail under $20,000 bond.

Also assisting were Constable Percy Medina and DPS highway patrol troopers.

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