A quasi-adieu

Thirteen years and three months.

That’s 688 Tuesdays, give or take three vacation days with a few sick days sprinkled in.

That’s how many Tuesdays I have sat at this very desk at the Pleasanton Express.

And Tuesdays at the paper are not typical work days. They are press days.

The day that goes on and on.

And on.

I can only recall a handful of times where we left this place before 7 p.m. Most times it’s after midnight. A Facebook memory just days ago reminded me of an almost 4 a.m. Tuesday…which is technically Wednesday.

The point being, Tuesdays have pretty much been the center of my world for over 13 years.

I have cried over obituaries that have crossed my desk. I have laughed over photos of oddly shaped vegetables and inappropriately placed hands. I have lamented over unfair decisions in the community. I have been devastated over tragedies, held my breath over scanner calls. I have laughed with co-workers, laughed at co-workers, I have cried with them, gossiped with them, partied with them. I have stayed up so late with them on a Tuesday that we have gotten giggly from fatigue.

I have enjoyed working hard with my peers. I have worked here long enough to know how to put the paper together on gigantic grid sheets with wax and scissors.

I have made mistakes, I have done a few things right. I have had career highs and lows. I have enjoyed seeing the comings and goings of area athletes, honor students, council members, teachers, board members, businesses, organizations and events.

I have seen the effects social media has had on an industry that works harder than most will ever know.

I have put my heart and soul here. I have loved every minute of it.

But I have felt myself feeling quite fatigued lately and much like Forrest Gump, I have decided to stop.

But when Forrest quit running and went home, did he quit running completely?

Probably not. I bet he still went for a jog now and then.

I can’t imagine myself without the Pleasanton Express in my life. When I told our publisher Noel that I was leaving but I would still love to help paginate some pages from home and possibly write a few rambles she agreed that would be a nice mix.

I can now have my cake and eat it too.

Today is my last “real” Tuesday at the Pleasanton Express and soon I will start a job that offers benefits, health insurance and normal business hours at the county courthouse.

So, now it is time that I bid you all a quasi-adieu.

I won’t be here at the office on a regular basis but I won’t be too far away.

And you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll still be rambling when I can!

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