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Greetings, Atascosa County. This week, I find myself in a state of reflection. As we approach the two-year mark since the dreaded COVID-19 virus changed our lives, it seems like a bad dream. We saw some light and what appeared to be the end, you know, the return to normalcy. Then in a flash, we were back and although some of us try to return to the life we knew before, it just isn’t the same.

You go through the list of people this pandemic has taken from us, and it impacts our community to the core. When a family loses a loved one, we all feel the loss. This county has felt the impact and felt it substantially. I’ve tried, as has everyone else has I’m sure, to return to normal. We have all gone to events and laughed with old friends. Deep in the back of our minds, we know what may be looming. This family has been hit with the virus and it is definitely not fun. We did not lose any members, but it is still a scary experience. This Historical Commission did lose a valuable member to the virus and we will think of her often. She was definitely a loss and a loss that we will feel for a long time.

When history looks back on the COVID-19 virus (and I write with the hopes that we will be able to look back and not take this forward with us), it will be one of the most dreaded, pain-staking moments of human history. This is not the first pandemic humankind has endured; I sure hope it is the last within this generation’s lifetime.

I close by asking you to please say a prayer for our community and keep your neighbor in your thoughts. Atascosa County has lost some great ones and we will forever miss them. Be kind, it is the surest thing we have right now.

Thank you for reading, until next time.

MARTIN GONZALES is the Atascosa County Commission Chairman. If you have history of Atascosa County you’d like to share, you may contact him at 830-480-2741.

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