A Letter to the Citizens of Pleasanton:

You can look forward to the erection of the beautiful Community Center and Library that was approved by your vote on May 12, 2012. As one of those who served on the Building and Steering Committee for the City, I am proud of the product that was produced.

The library was carefully and thoughtfully designed by the three librarians on the Committee (and they were the ones to do this). They spent many hours working out details so that this library floor plan would serve the needs of the citizens of Pleasanton now and for years to come. They have produced an excellent product.

Likewise, the community center was studied in detail by the three citizens who sat on the Committee. Every possible use of the facility was considered. The floor plan includes media needs, small meeting needs, wi-fi needs and all other aspects of use. The final product is a floor plan that will be flexible and will serve the citizens of Pleasanton now and in the future.

The Committee has been dissolved by the Council. Allegations were made by Councilman Garza that the Committee withheld information. To my knowledge the Committee withheld nothing from Council. Indeed, all meetings were posted and were open Public Meetings. There was a Council representative on the Committee. When these allegations arose, no one from the City, not a Council member or the new City Manager, called a meeting of the Committee to get information from the members to clarify any questions.

There is not room to go into everything in this letter. But, I wanted to let you, the citizens know, that I am proud of the beautiful design by the architect specifically for Pleasanton and the floor plans developed that you will soon see going up and that it was arrived at by your peers. The design has been approved by a vote of the Citizens of Pleasanton that directed the City to build it. Now it is up to the City and Council to follow the will of the people.

Thank you for your support in this effort to get our community center and library and we will all rejoice when it is completed.


Patsy Troell


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