‘A Hero of Our Own’: 6 year old Charlotte boy saves mother, little sister tooFree Access

A six-year-old boy from Charlotte is all people are talking about these days as he’s been awarded and recognized by many organizations including the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office. RJ Lara didn’t know he would become Charlotte’s very own superhero when he saved his mother and soon-to-be little sister on Monday, March 26.

J.R. Lara, RJ’s father, posted on Facebook the day following the incident: “So yesterday I got a call that no father or husband wants to receive while at work. A call explaining how a child (our son RJ) was reported over the Atascosa County scanner calling in that his mom wasn’t OK and wasn’t responding.”

Sabrina Jimenez, 26, had just picked up RJ and his little brother, Domnik, from school. Jimenez has Type 1 diabetes and was about 7 months pregnant at the time. During her pregnancy, her sugar levels had been known to drop to a dangerously low level when least expected.

“I felt fine all day so I went to pick the boys up from school,” said Jimenez, “I don’t know what brought it on, but when I got home my levels dropped and I just passed out.”

The next thing she knew, she woke up in an ambulance in transport to the hospital. “

They said my levels dropped, causing me to pass out. Then they told me my son, RJ, called 911 and told them what was happening.”

Little RJ remained calmed and collected as he called 911 giving his name, address, what the emergency was and answered questions over the phone until the first officer arrived on scene.

“RJ knows I have diabetes, but we don’t let him or his brother see me when my levels get low. It’s not something we want them to see at their age,” said Jimenez, “Usually it’s late at night when my levels drop and J.R. is there to help me out. We leave the kids with his mother while he takes me to the hospital.”

Jimenez says they have never told RJ their home address or how to call 911 when her levels dropped and J.R. wasn’t home.

“When I asked him how he knew what to do, he said he recalled a time when his little brother had hurt his head when we were at a dance in Devine and when he passed out, I called 911. When this happened to me, he said he knew something was wrong and had to call 911.”

Jimenez was taken to the hospital that night and when all was okay, including her unborn little girl, she left for home.

Two weeks later, little RJ would still be the talk of the town. At Charlotte ISD’s School Board Meeting on April 11, RJ was recognized by the school board members, Superintendent Mario Sotelo, Elementary Principal Laura Mikolajczyk, his 1st Grade teacher Stephany Calvillo and Atascosa County Sheriff Daniel Kaufman for his heroic actions. He was given a superhero cape with his name on it made by Principal Mikolajczyk and CES Secretary Evette Gaitan, and described by Mikolajczyk as being very intuitive. Sheriff Kaufman was the first officer on scene and presented him with a certificate at the CISD school board meeting.

The following day, he was recognized and awarded by Charlotte Mayor Buddy Daughtry and the city council with a certificate and basket full of goodies and balloons. As for mom and baby girl, they are both doing well. Jimenez and Lara’s little girl, Julianna, was born two weeks ago. Jimenez’s levels dropped low again and she began to develop preeclampsia, causing her to deliver her little girl two months early to prevent any future health risks to either one of them. Julianna is still in the hospital and is doing well, all things considered, thanks to big brother RJ coming to the rescue on March 26.

RJ is the true definition of the saying “not all heroes wear capes” and has truly became “A Hero of Our Own” for his parents, siblings and the town of Charlotte.

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