A Heartfelt Thank You



A few weeks ago, Sue Brown contacted me and told me the Pleasanton Express was reserving a special section of the newspaper to recognize our local law enforcement community. In this day and age of anti-police rhetoric, it is nice to know that our local media is willing to put out the positive things that your local law enforcement officers do, every day.

I can not tell you how many times I have found out how your officers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a citizen in need.

It’s not always our local citizens either.

Sgt. Pierce Ruple encountered a family traveling through town who had some car trouble. They needed a ride to San Antonio. He had them wait at the lobby of the police department until he was off shift so he could borrow his moms SUV and drive them to

San Antonio on his own time and at his own expense.

Sgt. David Jimenez and

Damian Balderas have spent untold amounts of their own money to provide meals to homeless people passing through town.

Officer Anastacio

Perez helped an elderly citizen when she had car trouble. He went to the auto parts store and installed a new battery in her car.

The list of selfless acts of kindness that I have seen every one of your officers involved in is endless.

I refer to them as “Your Officers” because, they are your officers. They are not my officers. Sure, I’m their boss, but it is you, the citizens, that they serve, daily. They don’t work for me, they work with me. Some of the duties that we are entrusted to provide are not pleasant. But none the less, we swore an oath and are expected to carry out our duty.

I am very proud and honored to work alongside of these guys and gals. I’m sure if Sheriff Soward, Chief Kaiser, Chief Priest and Chief Hickman could share their stories too of officers going above and beyond.

I commend the staff at the Pleasanton Express for recognizing your local law enforcement officers and A heartfelt thank you from every law enforcement officer in Atascosa County.

Thank you, Ronald Sanchez

Mark Stephenson Thomas Monse Terry Miller EOW-October 12, 1999 Lest We Forget

RONALD SANCHEZ is the Chief of the Pleasanton Police Department.

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