A flashback, do you remember when?

Danica Tello, Ike Malone and Ashley Sewell, featured in Flashback’s 10 Years Ago timeline, show off the trophies they won as students of Tri City Tae Kwon Do Dojang at a martial tournament in San Antonio.

Danica Tello, Ike Malone and Ashley Sewell, featured in Flashback’s 10 Years Ago timeline, show off the trophies they won as students of Tri City Tae Kwon Do Dojang at a martial tournament in San Antonio.

Oh, the things one can learn while rummaging through the archives of your local newspaper. There are a lot of interesting events what have taken place throughout the life of the Pleasanton Express and it is not all death and destruction…

5 years ago this week

•Randy Lee Herrera was shocked near McCoy. The 22 year old was air lifted to BAMC and suffered 3rd degree burns and exit wounds. At the time of the accident, Herrera was doing quality pole inspections and performing maintenance of electrical work near Hwy 541 and I 37.

•Monthly Cowboy Jamboree to pay tribute to the late Georgia Bell Thompson. Ms. Thompson helped constitute the “Atascosa Country Fiddlers” in the early 1930’s. She sang and accompanied her family on guitar at age 10. Whenever anyone would listen, she would play. With that she became known as the “Fiddlin Fool”.

•Craig White is the current race leader for the Atascosa Bass Club season champ. He flat out does not like Lake Amistad, which is not a favorite among anyone. But Shane Pfullman and Terry Vrana figured a pattern to change the opinion of Lake Amistad that produced limits of bass for them to win 1st and 2nd place for the season.

10 years ago this week

•Three members of the Tri City Tae Kwon Do Dojang walked away with top honors at the True Force Global International Martial Arts Tournament in San Antonio. Ike Malone executed a nearly flawless performance and took home the 1st Contenders trophy in sparring. Ashlee Sewell delivered a near textbook performance to take the 1st Contenders trophy in her division. While Danica Tello had a crisp and technical delivery of her form in girls advance. She was crowned True Force Global International Martial Arts Champ.

20 years ago this week

•There was an overflow crowd as McMullen County residents oppose an industrial waste landfill. Adjacent land owners adamantly opposed the landfill. Concerns about the landfill were the transporting of waste through South Texas and the cost of transporting the waste out of state. There was a federal prison representative on hand to state his problem would be a spill. Evacuating over 100 prisoners is not an easy task.

Speaking of prisons, guess who returns to work at a state prison after maternity leave? And that same young man who began daycare 20 years ago this week had surgery this week. One less organ to have to worry about as you grow older, son.

•Miss Atascosa County, Angie Mabry wins 2 awards at the Miss Texas Pageant. Her awards were Most Talented Musician and Best Interview. The biggest decision Miss Mabry must face is to continue since she placed 21 out of 60 her first time at bat. There are lots of sacrifices, one of which would be playing in the UT Band. Miss Mabry left the pageant with a different outlook, a new appreciation for the importance of the pageant. It takes sacrifice, dedication and enthusiasm to be in a pageant

25 years ago this week

•Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Auxiliary is planning a group which would work to facilitate continued maintenance for the playground and park. A series of picnic themes will be used for fundraisers.

•Tony Ortiz, courtesy clerk at HEB is the winner of the HEB “Bag Off”. He will be representing the area at district competition in Laredo.

•Jourdanton’s Beth Burket is one of 22 girls from the San Antonio area to play in the Basketball Congress International Tournament. BCI is a prep program for boys and girls who have at least one year varsity eligibility remaining.

50 years ago this week

•140 of 295 persons who attended the Texas Department of Public Safety driver’s school pass test.

•Mrs. W.J. Hindes honors Mrs. Cecil Smith of Orange and Mrs. Joe Cook of Houma, LA.

What are the chances that as I am researching the Pleasanton Express I would find someone visiting from my home town?

•Poteet Aggie Band’s new drum major, Dianne Harrison was runner up in the “Most Outstanding” drum major contest at Texas Lutheran College. Miss Harrison is 15 years old with no previous drum major experience. Contestants were measured on time, control of baton, posture and command.

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