A conversation that never was

Sue Brown



Mother’s Day has just passed and Father’s Day is coming up next month.

Not to get all melancholy about these holidays that are amplified when you don’t have your parents around, but the anniversary date of their deaths also reminds us of how much they are missed.

It has been 30 years since I lost my dad. I was pregnant with my oldest at the time and much of those days were just a blur.

Not only did I lose him where I think he was still “young” (he was 60) he also never knew my children and they never knew him.

Was he a cuddly, hands on grandpa? Not so much. But he was a hugger and a kisser and I always knew that he loved us no matter what happened.

I know I’m a blend of both of my parents. Where my looks come mainly from my dad, I have scores of friends who will say that I definitely have my mom’s personality or “look” when I’m tickled or upset. The times when I miss my parents the most are when I have questions. I wished I had asked more about their families. I should have talked more about the war with my dad. I should have asked my mom for more information about her mother’s side of the family. There are some topics that could be difficult to discuss and I’m not even sure if they were still alive that I could ask. But knowing that I can’t ask, magnifies it.

I’m so thankful that we had my mom for the years we did so that her grandchildren got to know her. I love to hear the stories about her from her grandchildren’s memories.

The way I see it, for those of you that are around my age who still have their parents around, be grateful. Listen a bit more to their stories, be tolerant if they repeat some of them. Have that conversation.

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