4-Hers Collect for CAM

Local 4-H students brought canned goods to their meeting Monday, November 14, to donate to CAM (Christian Alliance Ministries).  Pictured, left to right, back row: Blair Rankin, Jodie Shearrer, Retta Roberts, Landon Perez, Mattie Wright, Trey Hagan, David Garcia, Nathan Ricks, Peter Korus, Blake Foster,Logan Peralta, Reed Foster, Holden Hagen, Luke Thorton, second row (standing): Chloe Nieschwitz, Sadie Schimelpfening, Lilly Krause, Brooke Rankin, Abby Hotchkin, Paige Read; seated on stage:  Bella Trapp, Sadie Hartmann, Jadyn Swan,Lane Ciomperlik, Jacob Barrow, Justin Villarreal, Gavin Pace,Charles Banta, Mark Thornton, Jack  Schofner, Kirby McNeill, Rory Roberts; kneeling:  Lauren Trapp, Allison Mussey, Caitlyn Nieschwitz, Kenley Everett, Reina Garcia,  Faith Henley, Stayton Hagen, Sarah Scharmann, Emily Dominguez and Larissa Villarreal



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