4-H hunting tourney ends Jan. 16

This hunting season, have you caught what may be an award-winning deer or hog?

The Atascosa County 4-H club is hosting a free deer and hog hunting contest to encourage their members to get more involved in the outdoor world.

All participants must be Atascosa 4-H members enrolled via 4-HOnline.

The tournament will run all of the Texas Parks and Wildlife South- Zone season (Rifle and Archery). Photos taken between Nov. 6, 2021, and Jan. 16, 2022, are eligible for the contest.

To enter, submit two photos meeting the criteria below by Jan. 19 to Ashlie.stayton@ag.tamu.edu.

Photos will be featured in the Atascosa County 4-H Newsletter as well as on their Facebook page. Winners will be announced at the end of the contest and recognized at the annual awards banquet at the end of the year.

Deer Contest:

• The deer contest is limited to white-tail deer only.

• Deer contest categories are: Most points, widest spread, best archery, best overall high fence and best overall low fence.

• Deer must be killed in Texas and properly tagged. All Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunting Rules and Regulations must be followed.

• The BuckScore Program will be used to determine the widest spread and best over­all scores. The 4-H member participating must be in the photo holding the deer. Please send a photo of the deer with its head held at a 90-degree angle and another at a 45-degree angle. Please make sure the ears are out and not tucked under your hands. For more tips on how to take the best photo for BuckScore please visit, buckscore.com/take-bestharvest photos-scoringbuck/.

Hog Contest:

• The hog contest has one category, Longest Hog.

• The hog should be photographed with a measuring device that measures from the very tip of the nose to the very tip of its tail, and should have the 4-H member in the photo with the hog.

• You can send in two photos­— one with the member, the hog and measur­ing device and one with the measurement zoomed in. The measurement must be readable in the zoomed-in photo.

Please contact the Atascosa County Extension Office at 830-569-0034 or Ashlie.stayton@ag.tamu.edu with any questions.

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