2nd worst drought year on record

18 years of drought over past 77 years

There are fun weather facts and there are frightening weather facts. With the second worst drought on record for Texas this year, South Texas’ lack of rainfall was just plain scary . In 2011, the rainfall dropped to 12.08 inches less than half of the Texas average of 27-28 inches.

Cities and towns across the state have been finding every means possible to hold on to their last drops of water. Texans have had burn bans in effect, their residential water use capped, limits put on the days they can water and some communities have been banned from using water sprinklers.

It was good news that December brought more than just presents under the tree though in Atascosa as the County received one-third of its annual rain this past month. As the old saying goes about Texas weather, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, get used to it.” The Rainfall History Chart of Atascosa County, 1934-2011, page 7A, shows a total of 18 years of drought which brings another quote to mind, “Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.”

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