2021 Special Elections Guide

City Council Questions

1. What is one major issue in our city you plan to address?

2. What is your vision for the community? How does it support the economy and quality of life in our city?

3. If someone came to you with a proposal to build a new piece of public infrastructure in the city (i.e. road, bridge, etc.), how would you evaluate whether or not that project is worth implementing?

4. What qualifies you as a council member for our city?

5. If elected, will you have an opendoor policy? If so, what would that look like?

School Board Questions

1. If elected, what are your top three priorities as a school board member?

2. What is your stand on the STAAR test?

3. What are your views on allocating education funding in your district so that the money follows the child?

4. What is your vision for education in the community? How does it support the economy and the quality of life in the community?

5. If elected, will you have an opendoor policy? If so, what would that look like?

6. What are your views on creating an equal pathway between trade school and university?



Jourdanton ISD District 5

Greg Vyvlecka


I am seeking re-election for the position of District 5 representative of the Jourdanton Independent School District Board of Directors for the next two-year term.

It has been my privilege and an honor to serve as your representative these past two years.

I am a life-long resident of Jourdanton as well as a graduate of the JISD High School Class of 1993. I am the owner and operator of South Central Air Conditioning established in 2004, a life-long member of St. Matthew Catholic Church and happily married to my wife of 20 years with three beautiful children who also attend Jourdanton ISD.

I have enjoyed my time serving alongside fellow members of the JISD Board of Directors in our mutual quest to make decisions that continue to advance Jourdanton ISD as one of the greatest school systems in the state of Texas.

If elected, I would love to hear from you. Your thoughts, opinions and concerns regarding our school and student body matter to me, and I welcome opportunities to engage in face-to-face discussions that encourage us all toward achieving our combined goals for the continued success of Jourdanton ISD.



Your confidence in my ability to represent Jourdanton ISD with honesty and integrity has been very appreciated, and it would be my honor and privilege to continue serving you, the Jourdanton ISD community, for many years to come.

Jennifer Iruegas

1. If elected, my top three priorities as a school board member are academics, mental health services and anti-bullying.

2. Standardized testing has shown to be very dynamic throughout the years and it is our duty to continually search for the best platforms of assessment.

3. Any opportunity for funding to follow a child long term is a benefit to this community. The resources and academic advancements brought on from these funds would be long term and has and will continue to make the difference for families and this community and district for generations.



4. Being supported by your community as a student is special. People establish bonds here. They lay the groundwork to offer services within this community after their education. IF we offer them those educational services sooner, the sooner they would be ready to influence the community on a local level in a positive way through private practice, local business, various areas of expertise. IF we can offer support to create that path for our community. What we put in, we get back. In my opinion, we should be all in.

5. I currently practice an open-door policy in my professional life as a social worker, and would keep that ongoing through whatever platform I am a part of. It would allow issues to be brought forward without influence, or intimidation. With the open door policy, I bring with that, the understanding that as a board member, all decisions are collectively made, as a team. Through the correct avenues, decisions would be made in the best interest of the district.



6. Every youth is different. Some prefer the historic path of post high school, attending four years or more to obtain a degree. Most recently, trade school opportunities are on the rise. Some students prefer a quick road to specialized training, and in most cases, a less expensive one. Allowing pathways for both would allow more students from our district to succeed and bring that knowledge back to the community that not only supported their individual goals and aspirations, but their self determination as well.

Jourdanton City Council

“Patsy” Patricia J. Elizabeth Tymrak-Daugtrey


1. My No. 1 priority is providing a regular and sufficient supply of good clean, potable water for human consumption. That entails keeping all three of the city’s water wells pumping properly at optimum levels of pressure and disinfection to serve the city with uncontaminated, life-sustaining water, just as I have been doing during my current term as a city council member and just as I have addressed it during all of my previous terms on the city council. My goal is that we never ever get to experience another event like we did in February 2021 when we had a complete water outage for four days in a row and that resulted in a mandatory Boil Water Notice when we were all freezing to death without electricity.



2. My vision for Jourdanton is to once again be the thriving, viable small city that I remember with love and pride that had a Superior Water Rating, paved streets and a well funded volunteer fire department to be provided within an affordable budget that is prudently administered by council. I believe that is what is necessary for creating a positive environment that makes residents feel happy and proud to live here and to welcome new families to move into our town. That will in turn attract commercial businesses to locate in J-Town to serve our community.



3. To evaluate any project, the first thing I ask myself is: “Is the project for the benefit of all concerned from the outset and also during the projected economic life of the project?” This is my first guiding principle in my life as regards to any decision. Next, I think about if the project is a “loss leader” that primarily serves the community residents for a common good, but really generates no meaningful revenue and/or is it mainly to serve as an economic generator that invites future development that might increase the tax base revenue and/or does it serve both purposes. After that, I give consideration to the cost of the future maintenance and upkeep of the completed project during its economic life to determine if it is affordable and sustainable in the long run. I then weigh the costs against any possible increase in revenue that might result from the project. Bottom line—will the project pay for itself over its lifetime by inviting future development that will increase the tax base enough to cover the initial cost as well as the necessary regular maintenance and upkeep?” Then, after I have answered those questions, I would decide to engage with the project or to vote against it at that time and/or warehouse it for future consideration.

4. I bring with me to the council my lifetime of business experience that includes contracts and bookkeeping and my invaluable years of experience having served on Jourdanton City Council off and on since 1997 and attending city council meetings before that since 1986, during which I acquired the critical knowledge about municipal law and especially about municipal finance laws. I am a reader and I study the law to become an informed voter before I am required to cast my vote on council. I have always conducted my city council duties with integrity and within the state law that mandates an open and transparent government. I have a proven track record for always doing my homework, telling the truth and disclosing that truth to the public and for treating everyone equally and fairly regardless of ethnicity.

5. My open-door policy is well proven, long established and will continue. I am well known for being available to everyone by land line telephone at 830- 767-2076, my cell phone at 830-200-6225 and by email to either petymrak@gmail.com, and while I am elected to council I also have an official city email address: petymrak@jourdantontexas.org. By now, everyone should know that they are welcome to stop me and talk any time they see me out and about.

Karen Pesek


1. My top priorities are revitalization of the City Park and utilizing our Sports Complex to maximize its benefit for the public. This will include updating our basketball courts, playground equipment, reworking the old swimming pool area into a usable space and new functional bathrooms.

Additionally, I will prioritize completing an updated “Master Plan” for the city, which is key to obtaining grant funding for future projects.

2. Having viable and profitable businesses and homes are paramount to the success of any city. My vision for Jourdanton is to help facilitate growing our business base and expanding housing options for those who want to live and work here. Also, to continue partnering with local civic organizations to showcase the potential of what Jourdanton has to offer.

3. Those in leadership roles should always evaluate projects from a cost/ benefit perspective and how a project will impact taxpayers. City government certainly has a role in improving infrastructure, but these projects should be able to show measurable improvement in safety, transportation or utilities.

4. For over 30 years, I have served Jourdanton in one way or another. For 25 years I was an educator in the Jourdanton ISD. I have served as a board member of the Jourdanton Little League, the Jourdanton Athletic Boosters and have volunteered with the Friends of the Library, the Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce and local church groups.

I am familiar with how local city government functions and my desire is to leave Jourdanton better for our children and grandchildren.

5. I am readily available to anyone with questions about city business and always make every effort to find answers for our citizens’ concerns. Staying in contact with constituents and being available to address their concerns is always a top priority.

Norma Q. Ortiz

1. There’s more than one issue; my concern is our drainage and roads.

2. The vision I have for our city is to enhance it. There is so much potential which, in return, will support the economy and quality of life for our city.

3. I would evaluate any proposals for a new piece of public infrastructure by making sure it is a necessity to the city. I will also make every effort to ensure the project will not affect residents in any way.

4. I’ve been a resident for the past 46 1/2 years and have heard the concerns of the residents. My experience for the last 44 years has been in customer service and it brings great content that I have been able to help someone. In the last two years, with the help of my neighbors, we reached out to the city manager on the drainage issue in our neighborhood and money has been allocated for the Main Street Drainage Project Funding.

Currently I am communicating with TxDOT with our neighborhood concern at the intersection of SH-97 and Main Street. Reflective flexible delineators have been installed in the area and are waiting on the analysis of a metal beam guardrail fence installation which will not impede drainage or cause sight distance issues for vehicles turning from Main Street onto SH 97. I will work with city council members, our commissioners, state representatives, etc. for the betterment of our city.

5. Yes, I would have an open-door policy. Residents would be able to reach out to me via email or my cell phone to communicate with me about their concerns. I highly believe and will strive for fairness and justice for all the residents of our city.

Christine City Council

Matthew Jenkins

1. If I get elected, I would make the transition easier for new people moving into our community.

2. I would welcome new business into our community, but still keep our small town values.

3. On the subject of infrastructure coming into our city, I would evaluate the project and bring it to the citizens of Christine. It should be their right to vote on the project.

4. I am a third generation to live in Christine and raised a family of my own here. I have worked at a hunting ranch for nearly 30 years and built roads and worked on the water supply system there. I understand and know how to operate an organization. If elected, I would bring my knowledge to the city.

5. I welcome any questions from citizens. I will be open to discuss the issues they have and bring it to the table of the council.

David Delgado
Christine City Council Candidate
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Patti Bowen
Christine City Council Candidate
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Susan Barker Smith
Christine City Council Candidate
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Daylon Maddox
Christine City Council Candidate
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Veronica Medina
Jourdanton City Council Candidate
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