2021 Poteet Strawberry Growers

The freeze in February may have left many farmers in a jam, but strawberry farms in Poteet are pressing on. Whether a farm has just sprouted or is the fruit of generations of a deeply-rooted tradition, local berry growers rely on and appreciate our support.

There are various ways to purchase products from local farmers. For some you can call to make an appointment or go the old-fashioned route—just drive by and see if they’re open. Some offer the option to pick your own berries to purchase or have pre-picked berries for sale. Some sell their wares on Facebook or take orders via email.

“My grandpa, Emory Franklin, grew strawberries in the early 1950s,” said Pat West Jr. of SoTex Farms. “As a Rotarian, he was also a founding member of the Strawberry Festival. Although strawberry farming skipped a generation, it still makes us proud to follow in the footsteps of a pioneer.”

Are you entering the Poteet Strawberry Festival “Taste of Texas” Food Show on April 11? If so, purchase your berries from one of your local farmers. Winners will be eligible to sell in the auction later that day. So, you’ll want to be sure to purchase from the very best.

You can find various strawberry treats and other farm-raised products such as fruits, vegetables, eggs and even animals for sale. Read the farmers’ bios to learn more about them and how to purchase their products.



A&D Strawberry Farm
Dylan Bukowski & Ariel Herrera
8675 FM 1333 Poteet, TX 78065

A&D Strawberry Farm is a small patch owned by Ariel and Dylan. It is maintained and managed with the assistance of family. They began growing strawberries as a hobby in 2017 and have loved it ever since.

At this time they are not a pick your own patch; however you can occasionally find them selling fresh picked strawberries and many varieties of homemade jams at the main entrance to the Strawberry Festival grounds. Also you can follow/contact them through their Facebook Page, A&D Strawberry Farm, for updates and availability.


Fresas by Aldalin
Catherine Figueroa & Roger Ricardo
5155 County Rd. 307 Jourdanton, TX 78026

Fresas By Aldalin is a U-Pick Farm established in 2019.

We came up with the name of our farm from the first initials of our three children’s names (Alexa, Daniel and Lincoln).

On our farm, we have two different varieties of strawberries you can choose from. Strawberries can either be picked to order for your convenience or you can enjoy the experience of picking your own fresh berries. This year we have added a different picking experience by having most of our plants above ground in a greenhouse. When you stop by, we will make sure to have multiple numerous other strawberry treats available for purchase.

Please contact us ahead of time to reserve your picking time. Our hours of operation will vary due to production of strawberries.

We can also be reached by:

Email: Fresasbyaldalin@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Fresas-By-Aldalin 284686805772904/


Cuatro C Berries
Russell & Briana Calliham
2855 Coble Rd. Poteet, TX 78065

Times vary, please call for an appointment


Reyes Farms/ Reyes Jams and More
Victoria Reyes
3745 FM 2504 Poteet, TX 78065
Home: 830-276-3419, Cell: 210-501-6074

Our family heritage of farming runs deep. The original Reyes farm started over 150 years ago.

Our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents have all made their living off of raising crops and cattle. Our father Richard was a hard-working man that made even the hardest tasks seem easy. He took pride in his work and his crops. Our mother Victoria helped out on the farms, then somehow found energy to come home and make jams and bake goodies to preserve what was harvested.

Now the three Reyes daughters along with their families are keeping the tradition alive. We grow strawberries on a small scale and mom makes her traditional delicious strawberry jam that she has made and sold for over 30 years. Now the grandchildren are helping out and learning the skills necessary to keep the family farming tradition going. Our berries and jam are sold on Facebook, word of mouth and by making a phone call to place an order.


Mmm Strawberries
Manuel Jr. & Norma Ramos
2680 FM 2504 Poteet, TX
78065 210-452-7467

Mmm Strawberries is family operated and has been growing great tasting strawberries since 2017. Our goal is to bring you high quality strawberries that are a delicious treat and a wonderful addition to any meal. We offer u-pick by appointment only.

Please call Manuel Jr. or Norma Ramos at 210-452-7467 to schedule an appointment today. Stop by our farm to create fun memories with family and friends. We are located 10 miles west of Poteet at 2680 FM 2504, Poteet. You can also visit us on Facebook @3MStrawberries. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Mi Ranchito Farm
Willie Leal Jr.
PO Box 168 Poteet, TX 78065

We are Diana and Willie Leal Jr. Poteet Strawberry Growers at “Mi Ranchito,” located in the Poteet City Limits.

We are one of the small growers but WE work just as hard for our strawberries as the bigger growers do. This is our third year growing strawberries and our first year to see how our berries do at the Poteet Strawberry Festival. We’ve had ups and downs. Deer ate half our crop, but thanks to God they finally grew back. Then in March, hubby broke his collarbone, requiring surgery and sidelined for two months. We work as a team. When one is down the other carries on. Quitting or giving up on our DREAM is not an option. We move forward. WE give it our ALL.

Not a PICK Strawberry Patch but as soon as we have enough strawberries, we will have them for sale.

Thank you and God bless.


Reyes Family Strawberry Field on Eichman

We would first like to thank the community for welcoming our family. This is just our second year growing strawberries. We are still learning the fundamentals. We are located at 1495 Eichman Rd. in Poteet Texas. We sell strawberry flats for $25. We also sell hanging plants for $10. You can call 210-776-6231 to place orders.




Douglas Farms
Frank Douglas Jr. & Family
460 Parsons Rd. Pleasanton TX 78064

By appointment only.

Douglas Farms is a fourth generation grower, with local roots dating back to the 1940s. We dedicate our efforts to growing a variety of fruits and vegetables to support our local community, by keeping prices fair.

Our farm is based on faith, family and great tasting strawberries. Come check them out for yourself.


Five Cousins’ Strawberry Patch
Will Bates Strawberry Patch
575 Rutledge Rd. Poteet, TX 78065

Five Cousins’ is welcoming pickers after the Poteet Strawberry Festival. Our grandparents are helping us raise strawberries for the experience and our college funds. We’re learning so much and loving it! When you visit, we will give you your box, a pair of scissors, and a quick lesson in picking strawberries and then you can go to the field and pick to your heart’s content. Please call Will Bates at 830-480-2060 before you make the trip for a field report to be sure there are enough berries in the field and so we know to expect you.


Anachey Strawberries
Michael Vela & David Anthony Vela
189 Schuettig Rd. Poteet, TX 78065

Smack dab in the middle of South Texas lies a farm off in the distance that grows strawberries of the highest quality.

Howdy, y’all. I’m Anastasia from Anachey Strawberries. I’m part of four generations of the Vela family who work day by day to produce naturally grown farm fresh strawberries and strawberry jam.

Come join us to take in this beautiful Texas weather for our “Pick Your Own” where you can harvest the best looking and tasting strawberries along with homemade jam.

Bring your whole family and friends of all ages to 189 Schuettig Rd. Poteet, TX, 78065. We understand that safety is a priority in these uncertain times. For hours of operation and appointments please contact Micheal Vela at 830-200-5878 or David Anthony Vela at 210-347- 6805. Also like us on Facebook @Anacheystrawberries. Together we will prevail.


KH Farm
Ruth & Vance Schultze
200 West Tank Hollow Rd. Poteet, TX 78065

KH Farm is a “Pick-Your-Own” and “Pre- Picked” strawberry farm located 5 miles west of Poteet.

We open our farm for pick-your-own on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. if we don’t get picked out on Saturday.

We also sell pre-picked strawberries. Orders must be placed a day or more in advance.

KH Farm – Grower of the Year, 2019. www.facebook.com/khfarmpoteet khfarmpoteet@gmail.com


Stevens Farm & Ranch
Wes & Leah Stevens
425 McCaughan Rd. Poteet, TX
78065 210-842-1489 or 210-842-4289

Welcome to Stevens Farm & Ranch. We are a small farm owned by Wes, Leah and Jared Stevens. We are approximately one mile north of Poteet at 425 McCaughan Road. We grow strawberries for you and your families to pick. We will have other produce available later in the season available at the local farmer’s markets.

Strawberries are available by the flat, half-flat and quart. We also have several jams and jellies available, many made from … strawberries!

Picking times: Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. or picked out, whichever comes first. If we still have berries available, we will also open on Sunday from noon until 4 p.m. We do pick strawberries during the week. They are available for pick up Tuesday through Thursday in the evenings.

Email: lstevens0925@hotmail.com

FaceBook: Stevens Farm & Ranch


S&G Farms
Selso Garcia & Alex Solano
123 Pulliam Dr. Pleasanton, TX 78064

Located at the corner of 3350 and Pulliam Drive, S & G Farms carries on a family tradition that spans over several decades. More often than not, you will find Selso Garcia instilling his love and expertise for farming with his children and grandchildren.

You will also see his son-in-law Alex Solano sharing ideas on cultivating and developing the crop of San Andreas and Chandler berries and a few Frontera berries the family is growing this year. These two growers have a large family support system that helps maintain the crop as well. From cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, to the littlest grandchild, we all take part in this family tradition held close to everyone’s heart. Our hope is that Dolores and Nina Garcia look down on our fields with a smile, knowing that we are carrying on their tradition as a family.

You may contact Selso at 830-200-9246 to see if we have berries available. Also be on the lookout for Facebook posts from Alex or his family. Or simply just pass on by and look for our “Berries for Sale” sign with tent and table set up. Strawberries, and strawberry plants will be available at this time, with more produce to come in the near future.


Kosub Farms Strawberries
Ruben & Kristell Perez
3425 Coble Rd. Poteet, TX
78065 210-385-7302

Kosub Farms Strawberries is a 7th generation family owned farm. We are the 4th generation and our children, who also grow, are the 5th generation to grow strawberries on the original land. It is a family tradition now!

We will be open for pick your own, Saturdays from 9-4 p.m., Sundays from 1-4 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2-6 p.m. No appointments needed, however always call ahead to check for availability. We will have lots of home grown veggies, farm fresh eggs and our country store stays stocked year round with jams, salsa, bbq glaze, pie filling and other strawberry goodies! We will be selling Poteet Country Strawberry ice cream and have wine tasting every weekend in season.

Come out and join us on April 17 for our season opener from 9-4. We will have food, strawberry shortcake, dip your own chocolate strawberries, Dream a little Dream photography, Poteet Country Winery will be selling wine, barrel train rides, children’s play area and, of course, lots of sweet juicy Poteet strawberries to pick!

Our Facebook page: kosubfarmsstrawberries

Email: rockingrkrustics@gmail.com

Thank you so much for all your support.


Reyes Farms
David Reyes Amanda Reyes Castillo (830) 480-2862
Steven Reyes (210) 749-8491
365 Papa Reyes Ln
Poteet, TX 78065

Reyes Farms is the original farm from which 4G Reyes Farms, Reyes Jams and More and R3 Reyes Farms have branched off of. David Roy Reyes is the lone remaining son from the Ed Reyes family who is widely recognized for their farming accomplishments. He and two of his children, Steven and Amanda, continue the Reyes farming legacy with their strawberry, hay and watermelon crops.

In 2018 Reyes Farms was awarded the Texas Land Heritage Award by the Texas Department of Agriculture for the same family having owned andfarmed the same land for 150 years.

Reyes Farms is a small farm built on past generations and growing on future generations. Reyes Farms extends great gratitude to their spouses Jeanette Loredo and Joseph Castillo, their children and grandchildren, for their amazing efforts in helping and supporting the crops and farm.

Reyes Farms will be selling their award winning strawberries, jams & goods on the festival grounds in their original location in front of the carnival as they have in the past for decades. Anxiously awaiting the 2021 Festival, Reyes Farms sincerely thanks all customers, old and new, we have great hopes in a “berry” abundantly blessed season!


Lucas James Growers
Felix & Priscilla Castillo
4408 WFM 476 Poteet, TX 78065

Lucas James Growers ventured into the strawberry farming culture in 2017. Our family grower operation consists of Felix, Priscilla, and our son Lucas James Castillo.

Season after season, we would entertain the idea of growing strawberries. Yet, we never broke ground. Then one afternoon, Ms. Doris Thomas recommended we visit Mr. Will Bates of Five Cousins’ Strawberry Patch. Mr. Bates presented a very encouraging crash course in strawberry cultivation. We walked away from the visit with a smile. That afternoon we attached the tractor to the disc plow and Lucas James Growers was born.

A special thank you to my father, the late Preciliano Medina, for all of your love and support. It was he whom created the name, “Lukey Jam.” Thank you to my uncle Ricardo Martinez for helping man the booth on festival day. Also, we would like to thank all those who have supported us through our strawberry journey. My family and friends, we appreciate you all so much!

We offer our utmost gratitude to the founding families whom have formed raised bed upon raised bed so that we may continue to enjoy this Poteet Strawberry growing tradition.


Walo’s Strawberry Farms
Leticia & John Salinas
1060 Briones Rd. Poteet, TX 78065

Leticia Salinas is a third generation farmer. She grows Poteet berries in loving memory of her father, the late Guadalupe S. Orta. She would like to thank the Poteet Strawberry Festival Association and members for all their help.

Hours of operation are: Monday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Delivery is offered. You can send a Facebook message at Walo’s Strawberry Farm, Poteet. Call or text Leticia Salinas at 830- 200-7161.

Walo’s Strawberry Farms offers strawberry jam in three flavors: Habanero Strawberry, Jalapeño Strawberry and Strawberry. Strawberry plants are also available for those who would like them.



Garcia Farms North
Donovan R. Garcia
595 E. Ditto Rd. Poteet, TX 78065

Garcia Farms was formed at the turn of the century in 1900. Farming alongside the founders of Poteet first as sharecroppers and then as owners of multiple plantations.

Ignacio Garcia farmed with his son Dolores Garcia Sr. who taught his son Dolores “Lole” Garcia Jr. the trade. After a tour in the US, Army Lole returned home to a celebration honoring the Veterans returning back from WW II, AKA the first Poteet Strawberry Festival in 1948. Lole’s wife Corina and the seven Garcia siblings all helped farm. At age 85 Lole was the oldest grower in Poteet at the time of his passing. Son Donovan, wife Shawna, son Ronin, and daughter Taryn now run Garcia Farms North.

The farm supplies its own Strawberry Wine label and two Breweries for Strawberry Beer. They crafted a strawberry ice cream the summer of 2020 and talks are in the works for a Poteet Strawberry soft drink in 2021. Archive photos show Ignacio packing strawberries in the early 1900s The Garcia family is the oldest strawberry growing family to date.

You can email: Drgarciafarms@gmail.com

Facebook: Poteet Strawberry Farms – Garcia Farms

Instagram: Garcia_ Strawberry_ Farms



Ramos Farm
David & Anita Ramos Villarreal
Poteet, TX 78065
830-783-7594, 434-841-2016

Ramos Farm is named for my dad Manuel Ramos, Sr. We are new growers, David and Anita Ramos Villarreal, located at 404 Brooks Lane, Poteet, TX 78065.

We are a U-Pick Farm. We also have jams, strawberry wine jelly, strawberry breads, cookies, etc.

Call 830-783-7594 (David) or 434-841-2016 (Anita).




George Farms
Jennifer & Jimbo George
595 Mobile Home Alley Poteet, TX 78065

George Farms is located in the heart and soul of South Texas, we are a small family owned and operated vegetable/ fruit farm located at 595 Mobile Home Alley in Poteet, which is on the outskirts of Poteet on 476.

We are open seven days a week 8:30-7 p.m. (spring hours). We believe in God, family, power of prayer, and farming is the key to happiness and what makes our farm what it is today. We grow all sorts of delicious and healthy veggies from juicy tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, potatoes, okra, asparagus to delicious sweet strawberries, watermelons and much more.

Here at George Farms, we want to contribute to your overall wellness and building long-term relationships and friendships, while providing fun family events such as, “You Pick,” Market days, baked goods and fishing.

You can “like” us on Facebook @GeorgeFarms for upcoming events and what produce is available and in season. We are more than just a Produce Farm here at George Farms. Come on by and say Hello.

We will have a “pick your own Poteet strawberries” on April 18. Visit fb.me/e/QOZLUc4c for more information.


SoTex Farms
Joanna Garcia & Pat West Jr.
Poteet, TX 78065

SoTex Farms is located off of Strawberry City Rd. in Poteet and is owned/operated by Joanna Garcia and Pat S. West Jr. (grandson of one of the original founders of the Strawberry Festival, Emory Franklin).

This is our second year growing berries and we planted 16,000 plants. We specialize in strawberries, live sales of quail and chicken chicks/ducklings/goslings, farm fresh eggs, goat kids, lambs and fresh jams. Our planting was done by many members of the Poteet HS football team and band.

This is a family of Strawberry Royalty; Alejandro was Strawberry King in 2013, Marco was King in 2018 and Aliana was the 2019 Festival Princess in addition to being one of the 2019-2020 Drum Majors for the Poteet HS Band. This farm lives up to it’s motto: “TRULY HOME GROWN.”

Call Joanna at above number or email sotexoutdoorsllc@gmail.com

Hours Of Operation – 8 a.m. -6 p.m. Monday-Sunday.

Facebook – www.facebook.com/sotexfarms

Not a U-pick farm.


Sanchez Farms
Leonard Sanchez Jr.
Poteet, TX 78065

Sanchez Family Farm is owned and operated by third generation farmer/rancher Leonard Sanchez Jr. along with his wife and two daughters. They sell their strawberries along with a variety of fresh vegetables every Saturday morning in front of Dairy Queen in Poteet from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

You can follow them on Facebook Sanchez Family Farm or contact Leonard Sanchez at 210-415-7316.


Triple M Farms
Richard, Carmen & Madison Maglievaz
Poteet, TX 78065

Triple M Farms is run by the small family of Richard, Carmen and Madison Maglievaz. Located at 12300 FM 1333 Charlotte, TX the family is in their first year of growing berries for the festival and have grown mainly Albion strawberries. They will open the first time as a u-pick farm on April 17 from 9-4 or until they run out of berries. Triple M Farms will be open every Saturday for u-pick and Sundays as berries allow. Feel free to text 830-200-8710 to check on berry availability or to set an appointment during the week. You can also follow them on Facebook @triplemstrawberries.

A fun fact: daughter Madison is on the Poteet Strawberry Festival court this year as the Princess.

Please swing by their tent at the festival to get flats of strawberries and jars of jam!


R3 Reyes Farms
Owner, Eugene Reyes & Family
3975 FM 2504 Poteet, TX 78065

R3 Reyes Farms is a third generation grower, branched from the original Reyes Farms.

Eugene has farmed side by side with his father Albert Reyes Sr. for over 45 years along with a fulltime job.

Years of helping his father (Albert Reyes Sr.) and mother (Stella Reyes) win many awards grand-champion, reserve and many more.

After the passing of Eugene’s father (Albert) in 2018 Eugene continued his father’s legacy as he wished along with the help of his wife Sandra, daughter Stephanie, nephew Everette Jr. and brothers Ruben and Roland Reyes.

R3 Reyes Farms puts all love and dedication into their farming and strives to produce the best quality strawberries for their past, present and future customers.

R3 Reyes Farms will be selling award winning strawberries, a variety of strawberry jams and strawberry bread at the 2021 Poteet Strawberry Festival.

We like to thank all our customers for supporting local farmers and also wish our fellow growers a great season!


Willo-berry Farms
Matt Willoughby
6457 N. Hwy 281 Pleasanton, TX 78064

We are a small veteran/family operated farm, growing only strawberries at this time. The 2020 season marks our second year as growers.

We typically sell pre-picked flats. This year we are accepting u-pickers by appointment only. We also sell homemade strawberry jam and jelly.

Those with questions may call owner Matt above or co-owner William Roberts at 252-725-5930.


Sweet Oaks Farm
Pat & Rachel Scott
Poteet, TX 78065
830-570-8370, 210-287-5471

We are a small family farm with a passion for growing fresh fruits and vegetables. There is nothing better than the feel of getting your hands dirty in the soil! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Email: Sweetoaksfarm@aol.com


Sweet A’s Strawberries
“Ramos Farm”
404 Brooks Lane
Poteet, TX 78065
830-742-2956 or 434-841-2016

Sweet A’s Strawberries is our family run farm. Now you’re probably wondering why Sweet A’s? Well, coincidence or not, all of our names start with an “A” from our grandma Anita to our youngest Abigail.

We love what we do and put so much hard work and effort into our strawberries. We also have strawberry wine jelly, no sugar strawberry jam, strawberry habanero jam, strawberry margarita jam, strawberry popcorn.

We take debit and credit cards. Our Facebook page is “Sweet A’s Strawberries,” although we are not a You pick farm, you can and visit us at 404 Brooks Lane in Poteet, Monday-Sunday. Call or text at the above numbers. Ready-to-sell dates will be posted on our Facebook page.

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