2021 Atascosa County Livestock Show schedule

Hogs being fed and getting ready to be shown at the 2020 ACLS. NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Hogs being fed and getting ready to be shown at the 2020 ACLS. NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES | PLEASANTON EXPRESS


12 p.m.-CATTLE may begin arriving-OPTIONAL

12 p.m.-AG MECHANIC may begin arriving-OPTIONAL


6 a.m.-Grounds Open- Cattle, Poultry and Ag Mechanics move in ONLY

8-9 a.m.-Check in and sift POULTRY

10 a.m.-Judge Poultry (Broilers followed by Turkeys)

10 a.m.-Deadline for Cattle to be in place and assigned pens

10:30 a.m.-Weigh, sift and classify steers

Following Steer sift- Check breeding papers

1 p.m.-Judge Breeding Beef

2 p.m. or following Heifer Show-Judge Market Steers

Following Steer Show- Beef Showmanship

8 p.m.-Deadline for Ag Mechanic projects to be in place

9 p.m.-All Cattle and Poultry must be off Show Grounds


6 a.m.-Grounds Open- Rabbits and Hogs move in ONLY

7:30 a.m.-Check in and sift RABBITS

7:30 a.m.-Rabbit Showmanship

8 a.m.-Deadline for Rabbits to be in line on show grounds

8 a.m.-Judge Ag Mechanics No interviews and Showmanship is Portfolio Only

10 a.m. or immediately following Rabbit Sift and Showmanship-Judge Rabbits

5 p.m. or following Rabbit Show-Lamb, Goat, Swine and Beef Skillathon Contests

10 p.m.-Deadline for Hogs to be in place and in assigned pens

10 p.m.-All Rabbits must be off Show Grounds



6 a.m.-Grounds Open- Lamb and Goats Move In Only

7:30 a.m.-Deadline for GOATS AND LAMBS to be in place and in assigned pens

7:30 a.m.-Weigh, sift and Classify Goats (Market and Breeding)

Immediately following Goat Weigh In-Weigh, sift and Classify Lambs

8 a.m.-Weigh, sift and classify Hogs (Check Breeding Papers after Hog Sift)

10 a.m.-Judge Goats (Breeding followed by Market)

Immediately following Goat Show-Goat Showmanship

Immediately following Goat Show-Judge Lambs

Immediately following Lamb Show-Lamb Showmanship

2 p.m. or after Lamb Showmanship-Set up Swine Arena

3 p.m.-Start Releasing Ag Mechanic Projects

4 p.m. or after Swine Arena Setup-Swine Showmanship

Immediately following Swine Showmanship-Judge Breeding Gilts

10 p.m.-All Goats & Lambs Must be off Show Grounds


6 a.m.-Grounds Open

8 a.m.-Judge Market Hogs

12 p.m.-All Ag Mech Projects Must be off Show Grounds

10 p.m.-All Hogs & Must be off Show Grounds


8 a.m.-Grounds Open

Throughout the Day-Set Up for Auction

5 p.m.-Sign up for Livestock Judging Contest

5:30 p.m.-Livestock Judging Contest


TBD-Buyer Registration, Parade of Champions, Buyer Hospitality Area

1 p.m.-Auction Sale Begins

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