2020 Census: Getting our fair share

It’s called “planning ahead.” Pleasanton wants to be ready for the Census in 2020 because there is actually a lot at stake. It is important that the count is as accurate as possible. This will ensure that a community will get its fair share of federal dollars, it was explained.

Ernie Gonzalez, Jr., president of EMC Strategy Group, hosted a Census Community Meeting on May 13 at the Pleasanton Civic Center. These federal dollars, he explained, are used to fund many local programs which may include education, infrastructure, economic development, support for small businesses, farming subsidies and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer projects.

The meeting was the second one sponsored by the City of Pleasanton.

“I’m pleased that the city is taking a proactive approach towards the 2020 Census,” Mayor Travis Hall stated. “It’s absolutely important that we do all that we can to involve as many people and groups as possible so that we accurately count all residents in our city.”

Gonzalez encouraged all local organizations to help get the word out. Civic organizations such as the American Legion, VFW, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, Masons; non-profit groups, Scouts, Red Cross, Salvation Army and locally owned businesses can all help spread the word.

“The school district must also be involved,” Gonzalez stated. He also suggested neighborhood groups, churches and other religious groups, farm groups, home owners associations, and of course, individuals. Many volunteers will be needed, he noted.

He called it a “collaborative effort,” using the resources of the federal government, our senators, local organizations, and area schools. He set a goal of having representatives for each category of preparations for the census filled by the end of the month.

Gonzalez noted that some cities are better at getting the word out and that he is “pleased with Pleasanton’s efforts now.”

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