2004 Murder suspect arrested

Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward stated that a suspect charged in the 2004 murder of Armando Acosta has been arrested in Harris County. Sheriff Soward stated that his chief investigator, Jake Guerra has been working with authorities in Harris County to have the suspect arrested. The sheriff said the suspect, Roman Rios, age 36, formerly of San Antonio was taken into custody in Harris County on Thursday afternoon. Rios is also charged with a 2004 murder that occurred in San Antonio.

The body of Armando Acosta was found on June 5, 2004 in the 2500 block of Royal Oaks in the Shalimar Subdivision. Investigators believe that Acosta had been dead for possibly two weeks and residents in the area told officers at the scene they had smelled a foul odor in the area for two weeks. A medical examiner’s report indicated that Acosta had been strangled. A lengthy investigation led to murder charged being filed on Rios for murder.

Sheriff Soward stated that an active murder warrant has been out on Rios for 10 years but he had managed to slip into the underworld until showing up on federal authorities radar for narcotics trafficking recently in Houston.

Sheriff Soward stated the case will be sent to District Attorney Rene Pena’s office for prosecution but that Rios may face prosecution in federal court and in Bexar County first.

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