12-year-old skater hit at intersection

A 12-year-old boy was accidentally hit by a vehicle near Adams and Chapman Streets on Sunday, March 3.

The driver of the car, John James, 29, was traveling west on Adams Street and said the youth was in the lane but veered into his path while riding a skateboard. James swerved and braked but he could not avoid hitting the boy.

An off duty EMT was on site offering help while EMS and AirLife were being summoned.

The police investigation confirmed James’ story with the location of the boy’s skateboard and the fresh skid marks in the roadway.

The youth was taken to University Hospital and was kept overnight after several tests were performed. He received a black eye, road rash and a possible concussion according to the boy’s mother.

James admitted to driving without a license and received a ticket for Driving While License Invalid.

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