The Dreaded Blue Box

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On the Edge of Common Sense

I had just finished loading 184 sevenfoot steel T-posts, old ones, by the way, in my pickup and was unloading a mere 24 bales of hay from the front section of my gooseneck stock trailer. It was a hot, humid afternoon in early fall when the dead branches begin to stick out of the cottonwood greenery, and the garden starts […]

Atascosa Livestock sales report, Oct. 26

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Note: In this report, the first set of numbers in each line represents the weight range. The second set of numbers represents the price range per cwt. For more information, visit Steers-Medium &Large200-300 lb. $155-185300-400 lb. $145-175400-500 lb. $135-174500-600 lb. $120-160600-700 lb. $110-140700-800 lb. $100-133800-900 lb. $85-123Heifers-Medium &Large200-300 lb. $120-150300-400 lb. $120-148 400-500 lb. $ 115-145500-600 lb. $110-142600-700 lb. […]

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