Shall we Dance?

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Pull out your shiniest flapper dress or your jazziest zoot suit and fedora and waltz over to the Atascosa County Show Barn on Saturday, March 27, 2021, for the 21st Annual Pleasanton Ag Booster Fundraiser. Doors open at 6 p.m. with a steak dinner at 6:30 p.m. followed by a dance with Chilton Vance. Set in the Roaring Twenties, the […]

Believe It or Not

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On the Edge of Common Sense

Do you believe in ghosts? How ‘bout angels? Miracles? Taro cards? I grew up believin’ in Heaven and all its assorted angelic inhabitants and their counterparts in the singed black hats. Reincarnation wasn’t taught in Sunday School, but we were encouraged to believe that souls existed. So, with this sort of background it was easy for me to accept ghosts. […]

Gardening Q&A

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Plant Q & A

Q. How long will our cool weather annuals keep blooming? The pansies, stocks, snapdragons, alyssum, calendula and dianthus in our containers are beautiful. A. Unless there is a drastic weather change to hot weather, the cool weather flowers should last until late April. At that time, the soil and weather will be warm enough for the zinnias to germinate. Q […]

Atascosa Co. Livestock Exchange sale report

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Sale 1-26-21Steers-Medium & Large200-300 lbs. 145-175300-400 lbs. 155-180400-500 lbs. 140-176500-600 lbs. 130-157600-700 lbs. 110-135700-800 lbs. 100-120800-Heifers-900Mediumlbs. 85-105& Large200-300 lbs. 130-150300-400 lbs. 125-145400-500 lbs. 120-143500-600 lbs. 110-136600-700 lbs. 100-125700-800 lbs. 85-110800-900 lbs. 70-Slaughter Bulls 901,530-2,035 lbs.75.00-Slaughter85.00Cows975-1640 lbs. 51.00-60.50750-950 lbs. 42.00-50.00THINBred Cows27.00-35.00 470-1575 lb.700.00-Cow-Calf1,100.00PairsNONESteers 171Heifers 123Cows 108Bulls 18Calves 0Bull Yearlings 3Total 423 Sale 2-2-21Steers-Medium & Large200-300 lbs. 160-195300-400 lbs. 150-192400-500 lbs. 145-182500-600 […]

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