‘Kinda Makes a Feller Soft

On the Edge of Common Sense

They stood in the back of the room lookin’ like two Oakland Raider linebackers at a preppie quiche-tasting party. They had on unblocked hats with flat brims and each man wore a neck scarf and new Wrangler’s. Steve ambled over and asked where they were from. “Nevada,” they said, “We ranch.” They discussed the cattle business and bad-mouthed the government, […]

Atascosa Co. Livestock Exchange sale report

Sale 11-10-20Steers-Medium & Large200-300 lbs. 140-170300-400 lbs. 130-162400-500 lbs. 125-151500-600 lbs. 115-135600-700 lbs. 100-118700-800 lbs. 85-111800-900 lbs. 75-95Heifers-Medium & Large200-300 lbs. 120-141300-400 lbs. 115-135400-500 lbs. 105-130 500-600 lbs. 95-120600-700 lbs. 90-110700-800 lbs. 80-100800-900 lbs. 65-90Slaughter Bulls1,440-2,350 lbs.70.00-78.00Slaughter Cows900-1,615 lbs.40.00-59.00825-925 lbs.27.00-42.00Bred Cows 655-1,250 lbs.400.00-1,075.00Cow-Calf Pairs1,090 lbs.390.00-850.00Steers 264Heifers 201Cows 119Bulls 16Calves 0Bull Yearlings 8Total 608