Mayor’s Message – Pleasanton

Greetings from the Mayor’s Office, The new year is here and if you look closely you will find that the year 2020 is a year of partnership. It symbolizes faith and trust, and resonates with compassion, and how you should be more compassionate with the plight of others. Having a big heart for others makes you a better partner and […]

Mayor’s Message – Poteet

HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2020 has arrived. A lot happened in 2019. One of the biggest things was the election of two new council members and mayor for our city. The city council worked diligently and professionally making decisions for the betterment of our community. A couple of major city waste water projects were completed and others will get started this […]

The Way I Saw It

The Way I See It

A fter enjoying almost 17 years of writing my weekly thoughts, promoting our communities, praising folks, honoring people, poking fun at myself and occasionally ranting, I am bidding you all goodbye. This week’s column will be my last. After leaving the Pleasanton Express August 2018 to embark on my new career at Texas Press Association, Noel Wilkerson Holmes asked me […]

Historically Speaking: Resolutions

Every year, Americans flock to the gyms and health food stores to satisfy a New Year’s Resolution. Not knocking that, nothing wrong with that. Heck, I could use a little gym and health food with Christmas and New Year’s Eve Feasts having been good to me. Nonetheless, my resolution is simple; improve. When I was appointed as the Historical Commission […]

B is for Bipolar… Part I

While most people know those with bipolar disorder experience periods of “ups” and “downs,” it can be hard to understand exactly what that means, since we all experience mood fluctuations to some extent. But bipolar disorder isn’t an everyday shift from happiness to sadness — its periods of depression and mania can be much more extreme and sometimes debilitating. Imagine […]

Finding my roots—1941 to 2020

From my birth in 1941 until 1947 my home was Chicago. I was six years old when we left the Windy City for Colorado, in the small town of Montrose, on the Western Slope of the Continental Divide. (We from the Western Slope always liked to specify we were from that part of the state, not the Eastern Slope, which […]

In the Year 2020

There are some things in life that will only be given to you through prayer alone, and there are other things that will never darken your door unless you get off your fat fanny and do something. It takes wisdom to know when to wait patiently in prayer and when to take a flying leap of faith. I’m not saying […]

Emery named Atascosa County Republican Party Chairman

David Emery of Lytle was elected by the County Executive Committee (CEC) of the Republican Party of Atascosa County as the new Chairman of the Party on Thursday, Dec. 19 in Pleasanton. The position of County Chair became open upon the resignation of previous Chairman, Caroline George. Emery had filed to run for the position before the resignation of Ms. […]

Domestic dispute results in aggravated assault

On the morning of Christmas Eve, we received a call about an alleged assault in Campbellton during a domestic dispute. The victim was allegedly beaten on her head with a firearm and the suspect was also reported as allegedly armed with a machete. When deputies arrived, the suspect fled on foot into a wooded area east of the town site […]

Boy Scout Eagle Service Project benefits church in Christine

Eagle Scout candidate Cade Anthony Macmanus from Troop 194 and his group of 20 volunteers completed his Eagle Scout Service Project “Prayer Garden for Christine United Methodist Church” on Saturday, May 11. The Eagle Scout Service Project, is the opportunity for a Boy Scout with a Life Scout rank, in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to demonstrate leadership of […]