Pete’s Periódico: The State Budget

We have about seven weeks left to make a better Texas. Today to May 27 (the last day of session) will consist of a lot of long days and likely some long nights. The Texas Senate has already passed over 110 bills; the Texas House has passed over 70. As bills pass each chamber, they are again referred to a […]

Chief Priest’s Weekly Report

Greetings from Lytle PD, The weekly police blotter has been posted to our website, you can find it at . Feel free to call me (830-709-0277) or email me ( with any questions you may have. The Lytle City Council met for their regular monthly session Monday, April 8, 2019. Here is the latest rundown on Lytle Police activity […]

Girls’ Weekend = Trip for health

The Way I See It

I ’ve been seeing articles of how a weekend with your besties is good for your health. Well, duh! I know that I feel better after spending time with my good friends. There’s something about sharing a house with great friends, hearing 5-10 hairdryers, tripping over shoes, pillows and blankets and filling a kitchen counter with chips, cheese, crackers and […]

House passes legislation to reform school finance, property taxes

State Capital Highlights

The Texas House of Representatives on April 3 approved much-anticipated legislation written to revise the state’s public school finance system. The vote was 148-1, and the bill now moves to the Senate for consideration. House Bill 3 would increase pay for public school classroom teachers, librarians and other full-time personnel and also would enable property tax relief. Primarily authored by […]

Phonograph records? What’s a phonograph?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m kind of old. Old enough to remember things young people haven’t even heard of, like phonograph records and especially the old Victrola phonograph, or “talking machine.” Living in Chicago our main home entertainment in the middle 1940s was the radio, usually a console radio. But my Wyoming grandparents had a Victrola, and it was the […]

Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade results

Rain or shine, the 2019 Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade was still going to happen. With cloudy skies, a drizzle here and downpour there, the PSF Parade still made its way downtown Poteet as parade entries put up their umbrellas and raincoats. The crowd remained faithful and lined the streets to experience the biggest parade in Atascosa County with over 133 […]

Work progresses on Pleasanton City Park Project

There was a lot of good news and much progress reported when Pleasanton City Council met on April 4. Mayor Pro-tem Robert Leonhardt presided with all council members present, in the absence of Mayor Travis Hall who was out of town. Council unanimously accepted a bid from Wells Construction for $702,000 to construct group pavilions and restrooms for the River […]


Thank you to the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office who provided security for the 72nd Poteet Strawberry Festival. It was a peaceful, friendly, fun-filled family environment.

EMS Director terminated

Meeting: Regular Meeting, Monday, April 8, 2019, 9:00 a.m. Actions:  Phillip Bosquez, Chief Deputy, Pct. 3, asked for appropriate action that was granted concerning approving the disbursement of funds from Atascosa Wellness Committee to the approved recipients: CASA, Safer Path, Jamie’s Ranch for Special Needs Children and Atascosa Child Welfare Board.  Approved action concerning Diane Gonzales, County Clerk, […]

Pleasanton Bulky Trash Pick-up schedule

Pleasanton Community Development Services Department reminds everyone: 1. Trash shall not be placed at curbside more than 2 WEEKS prior to the ASSIGNED pick-up dates as stated below. No exceptions – violators will be CITED if placed earlier than the 2 weeks. 2. Trash shall not be more than 10 cubic yards per residential unit, additional charges will apply if […]