ACSO: It’s the Law

With littering being a topic in the news this week, I’d like to talk a little bit about our laws covering such. Illegal Dumping is addressed in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 365.012 and states an offense is committed if a person disposes or allows or permits the disposal of litter or other solid waste at a place […]

Texas wildflowers are the best

The Way I See It

I hope you all are taking advantage of seeing the bumper crop of Texas wildflowers this year. I kept reading that this would be a great year for them because of all the rain we received in the fall. From the roadsides on the highways to the fields and front lawns all over our county and beyond – I can’t […]

Spelling Bees—learning how to spell and have fun

From first grade through my sophomore year, I attended schools in Montrose, Colorado. Two things they got right were phonics and spelling, and they also made a pretty good reader out of me. I wanted to read, and the teachers encouraged reading skills. At some point our classes started having spelling bees to drill us on correct spelling—I think it […]

Mayor’s Message

Greetings from the Mayor’s office: This past Tuesday, Congressman Henry Cuellar was in town to award the City of Pleasanton an aviation capital improvement grant in the amount of $ 508,000. We are truly grateful and the following is part of my welcome to the Congressman and those in attendance at our Municipal Airport. “The City Council and I are […]

Supplemental funding legislation draws from ‘Rainy Day Fund’

A few of the funding priorities expressed by the executive, legislative and judicial branches are not covered in Senate Bill 2, the state’s tentatively approved appropriations bill for fiscal years 2020 and 2021. So, on March 13, the Senate voted unanimously in favor of SB 500, $6 billion in supplemental funding to plug many holes. Some $4.3 billion of the […]

Chief Priest’s Weekly Report

The weekly police blotter has been posted to our website, you can find it at . Feel free to call me (830-709-0277) or email me ( ) with any questions you may have. Last week our officers handled 51 service calls and conducted 24 traffic stops. There were 14 citations issued along with 10 warnings. We didn’t make any […]

Cuellar announces airport funding

Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) announced an award of $508,000 to the Pleasanton Municipal Airport. This includes $457,200 from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP), which comes through Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) discretionary funding. The award will be used for improvements to the airport’s facilities, increasing safety and efficiency. The FAA’s AIP aims to provide funding for […]

ACSO starts supervised litter pickup using low-risk inmates

Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward has implemented a new program that focuses on litter pickup on Atascosa County roadways utilizing low-risk inmates. Sheriff Soward said the program was developed with an operational plan for security and safety of everybody involved. Only low-risk inmates, classified as trustees are allowed to volunteer for the program and will be highly supervised at all […]

Human trafficking presentation held

On Thursday, March 7, Brush Country Republican Women met at the Pleasanton Civic Center. The meeting consisted of a presentation on human trafficking by Distict Attorney Audrey Louis and Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward. The program was extremely interesting and very informative. DA Louis started by giving an overview of the services of the Child Advocacy Centers (CAC). She was […]

Poteet ISD provides TEA update, campus reports

Principals of the Poteet ISD presented the Mission United Staff and Student of the Month awards at the February school board meeting. Julie Poth, Junior High Principal, commended Guillermina Ayon, seventh grade writing teacher. She said, “there are not enough words to describe how much I appreciate her.” The students decided to do something different at Christmas and chose to […]