Atascosa County Judge’s Report

Atascosa County Judge

Where I left my story last week on the development of the County wide EMS was that the new infant system was struggling. Remember each unit (one in Lytle, Poteet and Pleasanton) was an independent 501C3 organization with an ambulance provided by the county and the housing provided by the city. Because of the struggles I mentioned last week (for […]

Mayor’s Message

Greetings from the Mayor’s office: Something that has intrigued me for many years is the subject of Desalination. The technology of removing salt and contaminants from brackish groundwater and seawater. When I first heard of this technology and started doing some research, I found that it has been around for many years-even going back as far as the early Egyptians […]

‘If you don’t vote, don’t crab’

Local Matters

My mother, Judy Wilkerson, had a saying that she stole from Peanuts character Lucy Van Pelt, “If you don’t vote, don’t crab.” Atascosa County residents have a very important election to turn out for on July 31 – Texas Senate District 19. Governor Greg Abbott called this special election to fill the unexpired term of Carlos Uresti who resigned as […]

Headgear – not my thing

Here in Texas it seems a lot of the men and many women like to wear hats or caps, but for some reason I am not a big fan of headgear, although, on a sunny day, something on the head is definitely good. Maybe it’s a rebellion against my years of military service when I had to wear a hat […]

The reality behind Family Separation: Setting record straight on Rep. Cuellar’s Updates on this issue

Letters to the Editor

On June 27, Pleasanton Express published a letter to the editor by Ruth Drew titled “Family Separation.” This piece completely misrepresented Congressman Cuellar’s record of hard work and continual strides to improve these troubling situations. The most accurate and collective information about our current border crisis has been consistently provided by Congressman Cuellar. He repeatedly delivers updates and information through […]

Jourdanton looks to 3D mapping

Brian Shirley, President for the 3cGEO mapping system, addressed the Jourdanton City Council with a proposal for 3-D mapping of the City. His company is 12 years old, they have three full time staff and many contract employees. The best way to describe the mapping is to think of Google maps with the city’s water lines, streets, sewer lines, fire […]

Atascosa Co. Jail Bookings

The people named in this report have been charged with but not found guilty of the crimes listed. This information is provided by the ACSO under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552. 07/02/18-Rene AnthonyReyes, Sr., DOB 1979, was arrested by the Pleasanton PD ona charge of Public Intoxication,at 12:01 a.m.07/02/18-Ray MartinezLedesma, DOB 1980, wasarrested by the DPS on a […]

Call Stats Reports

The ACSO has been very busy the past seven days with more than 244 calls. Arson07/07/18, 10:26 p.m., ACSDominguez, ACS Lindsay,ACS Peralta, Taylor Rd., Jourdanton Assault07/03/18, 2:40 p.m., ACSCooper, ACS Hernandez,PoteetAssault Bodily Injury07/04/18, 6:20 p.m., ACSSaucedo, Royal Oaks Drive, Poteet07/07/18, 9:10 p.m., ACSBunch, ACS Mendoza, FredHarris Drive, Von OrmyAssault By Contact07/04/18, 2:50 p.m., ACSLopez, Royal Oaks St., PoteetAssault Family Violence07/02/18, […]

Marker dedication for Parkers, KBOP

It was a joyous morning Saturday, June 30 at the Longhorn Museum, for the dedication of the official Texas Historical Marker for Dr. Ben and Mona Parker and KBOP. The event was sponsored by the Atascosa County Historical Commission and the Longhorn Museum Society. Barbara Morris Westbrook, chairman of the Atascosa County Historical Commission, gave the welcoming address. She spoke […]

Czech out authentic meal this Sunday

Czech Heritage to be celebrated at St. Matthew

The sauerkraut is almost ready, kolaches are being baked, and the Markmann Polkateers are gearing up to play lots of polka music while visitors enjoy a fabulous Czech meal. That could only mean one thing: CZECH DAY! Yes, indeed, St. Matthew Catholic Church in Jourdanton will hold its annual Czech Day Celebration on Sunday, July 15, at the church and […]