Goldilocks and the three stores

Once upon a time there was a little girl with golden locks and a purse full of money. Let’s call her Goldilocks.

One day, she was looking for something to buy for a Christmas present for her grandma.

So she got in her car and drove to the big city to buy the gift. But each store she visited didn’t have what she wanted, so she returned home empty handed.

She then had the idea to order it online. She found the item and checked out and then tracked her order. Three days later, her gift had not arrived. On Christmas Eve her package finally was delivered, but oh dear! It was shattered into bits and pieces.

What was Goldilocks to do?

She decided to go to her favorite shop in her hometown. There, she was greeted by name and was even asked how her family – especially her grandmother – were all doing.

When she  told them that the gift was for her grandma, the store owner knew exactly what to suggest since she had been in earlier that week and mentioned it.

Goldilocks bought the present and the owner then wrapped the present for free. She even found more gifts to buy and a little something for herself.

How many of you have experienced this bedtime story? There are other stories that I have heard over the years. Shop owners opening up their doors after hours because someone couldn’t get off in time.

Or perhaps they made a special effort to deliver an item because there was no other way of getting it to the recipient.

In the hustle and bustle of getting the right gifts, often times it is in our own backyard and it is just right – not too big and not too small.

The way I see it,  shopping at home also keeps tax dollars here, saves money on gas and saves traveling time plus the bonus of not having to deal with traffic, parking and safety issues.

Plus, you help someone you actually know thrive in their business. Please shop at home this season.

SUE BROWN  is the editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, TX 78064.

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