Atascosa County Judge’s Report

On Monday, we started doing flu shots for county employees.  We have an arrangement with Atascosa County Health Clinic to do these.  Atascosa County Health Clinic does a fine job in caring for folks that cannot afford health care.  But they do so much more.  Did you know they have a Dental Clinic? And (obviously) an immunization clinic! The county’s number one resource is its’ people and we need to always remember that. And, of course Atascosa County citizens are its’ number one asset.

With a non-subtle change of subject, I want to talk about a confusing matter that is affecting me.  We have an elected position in our county that is titled “County Court at Law Judge”.  This is a very important position in our courts and is presently filled by Judge Lynn Ellison.  Judge Ellison has filed to run for “District Judge” which is being vacated by Judge Donna Rayes (retirement).  This means he will not be running again for “County Court at Law Judge” and so far, there are two people who have filed for that post – Daniel Uechi and Bobby Brendel.  “County Court at Law” is more like the District Judge in that it is an almost 100% judicial bench job.  Its’ power is somewhat between my court and the District Court and has greater powers than mine and yet somewhat less than “District.”

The confusing thing is that many people think this – “County Court at Law Judge” is for “County Judge”.  It is not.  So far, I am the only one who has filed to run for “County Judge”.  I do not have an opponent who has filed at this time.  I hope this information helps.


Thanks for listening.

We want you to be proud of your County Government.

Bob Hurley is the Atascosa County Judge. You may E-mail him at

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