District Attorney Louis Seeks Justice and Peace For Murder Victims

Chief Priest’s Weekly Update

If you look at the snapshot of 57 calls for service and 30 citations issued it doesn’t seem like that bad of a week but we are in the midst of a crime spree of sorts.  It appears our city is being targeted for the “slashing of tires”.  We took our first report last Friday morning and as of Monday […]

No Bananas on the Boat

Robbie Rambles

A few weeks back my son Brandon took four of us ladies on a fishing trip. It was his sister, his girlfriend, her mom and me. Well, let me be clear. It wasn’t just a fishing trip. It was a fishing tournament. A tournament. “Babes on the Bay.” This tournament is in its 17th year and hundreds of women sign […]

Behind The Badge

The Place to be on the Fourth of July

  I am hoping that each of you had a great holiday celebration yesterday as we reflected on Independence Day and everything that it stands for. At the Jourdanton City Park, a huge crowd gathered to partake in the festivities and fireworks that the Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce and their sponsors worked diligently to bring together for Jourdanton and surrounding communities. […]

Medical Marijuana Miracle

Many who read this will recognize my last name and many of you will be my relatives.  You may be surprised that the youngest son of former District Attorney and District Judge J. Taylor Brite would be writing an opinion piece supporting the legalization of medical marijuana in Texas.  But, that is exactly the case.  My beliefs do not come […]