Journaling … again  – a five year plan 

Sue Brown, Editor

A few years ago, I seemed to be experiencing a tumultuous time in my life.

My friend, Christa, gave me a journal, a pen and a wine glass.

I was to use the pen and journal to write down something good that happened that day. And, if nothing was worthwhile to write, I was to pour a beverage of my choice in the glass and at least I could say that I had a nice glass of (blank). I don’t think my days were ever that bleak, but the thought was nice.

This year for my birthday, my daughter, Allison, gave me a journal that has five entries for each day for the next five years. There are prompts, but I may use it to write down an idea, a thought, what happened that day or just about anything I see fit.

Then, after five years, I can go back and see all that happened or what I was thinking or thought was important to jot down.

My resolution for this year (and now the next five years) is to do my best to fill this book.

I already know that five years can go by very fast and that my likes/dislikes will certainly change. It is also my answer to many younger parents when they complain about their pre-teens or teenagers.

Give it five years. So much happens in that short span of time. What you think is important now is not that big of a deal in five years.

The way I see it, I’ll give it five years. I hope to be able to look back at earlier entries and think

“wow… that seemed important at the time…”

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