Released, but not free

When word got out that a suspect who had been arrested for murder was released from jail on Thursday, July 30, some were confused on how it could happen. John Bryan Finch had been arrested last year on July 9 for the June 18, 2014 murder of Lindsay Wadkins. He was found at a residence in Charlotte hiding in a […]

Two fatalities on IH-37

Local law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel have seen several accidents within the last week. Two resulted in a fatality and several other accidents required the assistance of Air Life. More than one of these occurred on IH-37 south of Pleasanton. Fatalities A 48-year-old male from Mississippi injured in last week’s fiery crash succumbed to his injuries on Monday morning, […]

K9 officer ‘Meister’ retires

CONTRIBUTED Sgt. David Presley and his partner “Meister” were at the Jourdanton Police Department, as official partners, for the last time this past Monday August 3, as city staff, fellow officers, and the public gathered to recognize the 6 years of service that “Meister” has given to the citizens of Texas. “Meister” is a German Shepard that weighs in at […]

Battle of Medina historical ceremony set for August 15

CONTRIBUTED ATASCOSA COUNTY HISTORICAL COMMISSION The public is invited to attend our 15th annual ceremony commemorating the Battle of Medina, this being the 202nd anniversary of the bloodiest battle in Texas history! The Battle of Medina occurred on August 18, 1813 between the Royal Spanish Army and the Republican Army of the North when between 800 and 1,300 Americans, Tejanos, […]

Guillen reminds families of back-to-school savings

Encourages shoppers to take advantage of Sales Tax Holiday

AUSTIN – State Representative Ryan Guillen (D – Rural South Texas) is reminding parents to mark August 7-9 on their calendars, as they can save on school supplies during the state’s annual sales tax holiday. “As parents get ready to send their kids off to school, the cost of clothes and shoes and backpacks and school supplies can really add […]

About those white lies …

The Way I See It

Do you remember when you were young and you may have broken a favorite vase or cup? Or maybe you ripped up a shirt doing something silly? Your mom may have asked if you knew anything about it. And, as a pleasing child, you definitely didn’t want to disappoint or anger her so you told a white lie. Okay. Now […]

What’s your agri-culture?

Texas Agriculture

Southern hospitality, pride and resilience. It’s the Lone Star State. A culture of its own. But it varies a bit between regions. Agriculturally speaking. Because the Texas farmers and ranchers who grow our food are a diverse bunch. Their crops and livestock come in many shapes and sizes. All dependent on the soil, rain and climate. So what’s growin’ on […]

Panel hears testimony in wake of jail death

State Capital Highlights

The Texas House Committee on County Affairs met on July 30 to hear testimony on Sandra Bland and jail standards. Bland, 28, was pulled over by a state trooper in Hempstead on July 10. Soon after, she was placed in the Waller County Jail and was found dead in her cell on July 13. Investigators ruled the death a suicide. […]

Planned Parenthood bashed by unplanned parenthood

Texas Politics

The Texas Senate committee’s hearing after a muchedited video about Planned Parenthood seemed something like the Minnesota dentist’s ambush of Cecil, the popular African lion. The Minnesota hunting enthusiast, Walter Palmer, and his guides, lured Cecil from his safe refuge into unprotected territory. Palmer shot him with an arrow. However, it didn’t kill Cecil. So they tracked him, and 40 […]

Zone 1: Set out for brush/bulky pick up

The City of Pleasanton has updated their brush, bulky trash pick up criteria beginning with the upcoming August schedule. The new guidelines are: 1. Piles shall not be placed at curbside more than 2 weeks prior to the pick-up time. 2. No more than 10 cubic hards piles per Residential Unit; resident may be subject to charges over 10 cubic […]