To The People of Atascosa County:

On behalf of the citizens of Wimberley, Texas, I want to thank you for your fund raising efforts for those who lost so much. I moved back to Wimberley a year ago to be near my two sons, one of who graduated high school two weeks ago here in Wimberley. The morning after the flood at 8 a.m., my wife […]

Federal court of appeals rules on abortion law

State Capital Highlights

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on June 9 upheld the constitutionality of House Bill 2, the state abortion law revised by the Texas Legislature in a July 2013 special session. HB 2 and its provisions may be applied throughout Texas, the panel stated in a 56-page ruling, but drew two narrow exceptions: […]

Perry slams Hillary, Cruz

Texas Politics

After months of hinting, Hillary Clinton finally announced she’s running for president. The former first lady, New York United States senator, and Secretary of State under Barack Obama, who beat her for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, has negative ratings that make her a favorite target for competitors. Republican presidential hopefuls think presenting themselves as most likely to beat […]

Poteet Mayor Tuttle lays out expectations for conduct during meetings

Mayor Richard Tuttle presided over his first Poteet City Council meeting on June 1. Also in attendance was new council person Rosalinda de la Fuente, along with Denise Sanchez, Sonny Estrada, Greg Groesbeck and Valerie Reyes. Tuttle began by laying out his expectations for the audience and the council, as far as conduct. He advised that there was to be […]

Doing photos of wrecks, shootings and ‘my bad side’

Writer’s Roost

At community newspapers, often the editor-publisher is the principal newsperson, the main ad salesman and, usually by default, the photographer. In that role, all too often, you see things you’d really rather not see. One particularly disturbing result of witnessing these acts of blood and gore and, all too often, the absolutely horrible side of humankind, is that you are […]


FLASHBACK: Jourdanton schools to build band hall, new field house

60 Years ago- Larry Persyn of Leming, member of the Pleasanton FFA chapter, is among the nine Texas youths who will compete in the state plowing contest for a new Ford tractor. A county winner, Larry won the area contest Monday held at Southwest Research Laboratories in San Antonio. He competed against six other boys in competition representing 40 South […]



Agricultural Ignorance

On the Edge of Common Sense

The editor of the Delmarva Farmer made the observation that Americans as a whole have reached the Age of Agricultural Ignorance. This stage in our civilization is a direct result of the lack of “kids growing up on the farm.” There are many reasons for them leaving. One of the greatest being that farming requires manual labor. As our country […]