Home run for Jessie

The crowd cheered, “Go, Jessie, go!” as 5-year-old Jessie James Sandoval struck the ball, then circled the bases at the Pleasanton Sports Complex. His older sister, Leanna Alcorta, ran alongside him. The June 4 game between the Riverdogs and Rivercats at the Pleasanton City Park was more than a typical Little League match. It was a chance for Jessie, the […]

Mother, daughters arrested for burglaries

On January 16, 2015 a burglary of a habitation was reported on County Rd. 303 northwest of Jourdanton. Deputy Michael Castaneda investigated the burglary where the homeowner reported six firearms and other items stolen valued at $6,700. Sergeant Investigator Jesse Martinez was assigned to the case. May 1, a second burglary was reported at the same residence on Co. Rd. […]



Windows broken in Pleasanton


Atascosa County Crime Stoppers and the Pleasanton Police Department are hoping that a FIVE THOUSAND-DOLLAR cash reward being offered for one week only will help solve continuous acts of vandalism that have occurred throughout the city of Pleasanton. On Thursday, May 28, 2015 at about 8:30 a.m. Pleasanton Police Officers were dispatched to Hurley’s Funeral Home located in the 100 […]

Saturday Night

On the Edge of Common Sense

Dang it, someone spilt their coffee on the deck of cards again. Probably one of the new guys. This place looks like a den of hibernating coyotes. Shoot, they’ve broke another chair! And I’d been countin’ on a little game of solitaire. Kids. I’ve seen a million walkin’ through this bunkhouse door. They blow through here like tumbleweeds, I’ve give […]


June 2-June 8

Accident – Second (2), Main (2), College Accident, Major – Stadium, Commerce Burglary of Motor Vehicle – Johnson St., Oaklawn (2) Criminal Mischief Oaklawn (5), Houston Disturbance – Southway St., The Lane, Jackson Disturbance, Verbal – Jeff, Trade, Jackson Driving While Intoxicated – Commerce (2) Harassment – Shady Oak, Harl Missing Juvenile – Jolly St. Public Intoxication – Second St. […]

Stubborn love

The Way I See It

Today is my brother’s 64th birthday. He would be quite irritated at me for writing about him but I feel I must. You see, last year at this time he almost died. An infection took over his body and ER doctors at one S.A. hospital didn’t see the real reason for his pain. The next ER had a cadre of […]

The choice is yours

Texas Agriculture

Fresh food straight from the garden. Crops ready to harvest in the field. Both have to start somewhere. With a seed. And unlimited options. Different varieties. Numerous brands. Diverse tech nolog y. It’s a tough decision. One that both farmers and gardeners have to dig deeper into. So much goes into that choice. Soil type, drought tolerance, maturity and price. […]

Governor decides fates of bills passed by Legislature

State Capital Highlights

Governor Greg Abbott has until June 21 to give bills recently passed by the Texas Legislature his final consideration before signing them, letting them take effect without his signature or vetoing them. By June 1, the last day of the Legislature’s 84th regular session, some 819 House bills and 504 Senate bills earned final passage, plus two House Joint Resolutions […]