Turn-n-Burn’s another winner

BBQ Cook-off tops in Texas

It was perfect weather for the 5th Annual Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Turn-n-Burn Barbeque Cook-off – and the pay-out was, too. At the end of the day and while the winners were still being announced, money kept being added to the biggest pay-out in Texas and one of the largest in the nation – for an International Barbeque Cookers Association […]




Update on impact of SAWS Desalination Project on Atascosa County

Mr. Morris Cowley, geologist Arthur Troell and Mr. Larry Fox, a Director on the Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District (EUWCD), will speak to the Brush Country Republican Women next Thursday. They will give an update on the SAWS desalination project, statewide hearings that have been held on water extraction wells for desalination, and current legislation proposed by SAWS to increase […]


March 10 - March 16, 2015

Accident – Oaklawn (4)Accident, Minor – Oaklawn (6), Goodwin,Main, WhiteAssault – Pleasanton Ave., OaklawnAssault, Sexual – Undisclosed locationBurglary, Building – OaklawnBurglary, Habitation – HuntBurglary, Vehicle – Oaklawn, Austin St.Child Abuse – Undisclosed locationCounterfeit Money – SecondCriminal Mischief – Second, HuntCriminal Trespass – BowenDisturbance, Physical – OaklawnDisturbance, Verbal – Texas St., LiveoakStreet, Oaklawn, Bensdale (2), Martin,Goodwin, Grant St., StadiumEvading – OaklawnForgery […]


CR303 Burglary of firearms

The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Department along with Crime Stoppers is hoping that a FIVE THOUSAND-DOLLAR cash reward being offered for one week only will help solve the theft of several firearms from a storage shed located in the 2900 block of County Road 303, located .03 of a mile off TX HWY 173, 4 miles north of the city of […]

The Way I See It

Don’t judge me

I love meat. But I particularly love barbequed meat. Chicken and ribs are my favorite with brisket and other meats coming in third and on. Thankfully I got to judge my two favorite types at the Turnn Burn BBQ Cook-off this past weekend. I also was one of the lucky five ladies who judged the Margarita Pour-off. Hey, if somebody […]

Sunshine Week – March 15-21, 2015

Emails, private police records, reporting on allegations - all are crucial to flow of information

Private university police beat a man suspected of stealing a bicycle. The violent episode was captured on a dash camera, but when questions arose the police refused to release the complete video. City officials used their personal email accounts to discuss government business, just as Hillary Clinton did as secretary of state. When a citizen sought the local records, which […]

State Capital Highlights

Lawmakers seek to control elements of state spending

Debates over the Texas House and Senate versions of the state budget lie ahead, and movement toward setting budget controls to blend into a final, agreed-upon budget for 2016-2017 emerged in low-numbered bills filed last week. SB 20 by Senate Finance Chair Jane Nelson, R-Grapevine, would strengthen state agency contract reporting requirements, require agency heads to sign off on contracts […]