The Way I See It

A 6-year-old’s dying wish

When I first read a letter submitted by our reader Paula Korus I thought “Oh, this is another one of those viral/chain letters that really isn’t real.” But after doing a bit of research, I found out that this plea is very much real. I am sharing this via Korus, who lives in Poteet. “A 6-year-old’s dying wish” Christmastime is […]

State Capital Highlights

Panel sets $7 billion minimum for Rainy Day Fund

On Dec. 11, a Senate-House joint committee empaneled to adopt a sufficient balance for the state’s “rainy day fund” approved $7 billion as the floor for it. Properly titled the Economic Stabilization Fund, the oil and gas tax-fueled pool of money was created by constitutional amendment in 1988 when oil was selling as low as $10 a barrel, causing state […]

Texas Politics

Time for truth in Texas, budget

I t’s money time in the Texas capitol when legislators open their biennial regular session Jan. 13. Many policy issues depend on it: how much is raised, from whom and where, and how it’s spent. One person outlining some of his thoughts about money, where it comes from, and where it goes, is incoming Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. In addition […]

Writer’s Roost

The way yew pernounce words yew must be frum...

Texas’ regional accents are a source of fascination. Trying to study them is difficult, probably even for an English professor. If you’ve read my missives more than occasionally, you know I love Texas, I love Texans and I love Texas lingo. When encountering a different sound than one you hear every day, it pays to listen. If you can identify […]

There’s a new star on Texas license plates!

Texas now offers the a new star symbol for specialty plates

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles board recently approved the addition of a new star symbol as an option on all personalized specialty license plates in Texas. My Plates, recently proposed the introduction of the new symbol. It will be offered in addition to existing symbols that include the Texas silhouette, heart, period and dash. “The star is synonymous with […]

Plant Q & A Texas A&M

Grass Q & A

Q. What is the grasslike weed that is growing all over my lawn and vacant lot now that we have had some rain? Is it rye grass? Will a grass-specific herbicide like Grassbe Gone or Over-The- Top kill it? A. The grassy weed could be annual bluegrass, an annual rye or even rescue grass. It makes an attractive groundcover when […]

10 ways to keep holiday hackers at bay

Cyber-security expert offers tips to safeguard information

  We’ve all lost our identity at least three times, with more than 930 million records breached, lost or stolen to hackers and cyber criminals, says consumer advocacy non-profit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Why don’t we do all we can to stay safer online? According to, more than a quarter of Americans say they lack the information necessary. So, here […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

Cowboy Christmas Carol

This is the story of Tiny Slim Crachett, a genuine reprobate Who squandered his money and wasted his love until it was almost too late. He was just your typical cowboy, honest, brave and sincere And he lay on his bunk one Christmas Eve night belching up nachos and beer When a vision appeared at the foot of his bed. […]

Flashback: Past Atascosa County Superintendent dies

60 Years ago- A trash fire ignited a concession stand at Legion Memorial park yesterday afternoon about 2:30 o’clock and the flames totally destroyed the concession stand. J.F. Andrews Jr., Vapo Butane dealer, noted the blaze as he was passing the park in his radio-equipped truck. He radioed for the fire department and both the Pleasanton and North Pleasanton trucks […]

The ice men came, sawed and conquered

The two veteran ice sculptors took their respective spaces and revved up their chain saws to begin the second annual ice fights at the Downtown Pleasanton Merchants’ Association’s Art Walk event last Saturday, December 13 . As the crowd gathered and the kids squealed with delight when the saws released a snow-like spray onto them, all were in awe of […]